Spring Cleaning Projects Made Easy With a Pressure Washer

Spring is here and so is the aftermath of winter grime buildup. Spring cleaning your interior can be a lot of work. However the outside of your home is sure to need some cleaning too. Below are some spring cleaning projects that can be made easier with the help of a pressure washer.

You can purchase a pressure washer, but you can rent one as well. Pressure washers can tackle some of your exterior spring cleaning needs. Be sure that you know how to work the pressure washer, and also make sure you know how to adjust the PSI. Always start with a lower PSI and work your way up to the needed pressure. If the pressure is too high, it can cause damage to surfaces. When you’ve familiarized yourself with the functions on your pressure washer, begin here.

Gutter Cleaning and House Substrate

Winter can leave a mess in your gutters and on your siding. Whether you are working with vinyl, brick, stucco, or otherwise, pressure washing can provide an all-over cleaning of your home exterior. Begin with the gutter cleaning. Clear any fall and winter debris and then check to make sure that your gutters are still firmly fastened and in good condition. By working from the top down, you don’t have to dirty any lower cleaning, and any debris or mess that falls onto the house can be cleaned as you work your way down.


Winter can leave your patio looking grimy and uninviting. Before getting out the patio furniture, clean up that grime with your pressure washer. Be sure not to use too high of a PSI, it can cause paint to peel and damage the surface. Once your patio surface is looking clean, you can unpack your patio furniture and even give it a bit of a cleaning with a light PSI to clean off any dirt, dust, etc.

Wood Deck and Shed Cleaning

Leftover twigs and leaves from fall are sure to be piled up around your shed or covering your wooden deck. Using a light PSI, you can clean your exterior wooden surfaces easily. Be careful, it’s easy to over-power wood, especially if it’s older, causing damage. Be sure to clear any mold or mildew you find, keeping these off of your wood will increase its lifespan significantly.

Driveway, Walkways and Front Steps

Salty, grime-covered sidewalks, steps, and driveways are perfect for pressure washing. Clean your concrete, brick, or asphalt exterior surfaces with ease with your pressure washer. Be sure to keep the nozzle away from gravel, dirt, grass, and planters.

Second-floor Window Cleaning

Spring is here, and it’s time to get those windows clean. First floor windows are easy, but second floor windows can be a real hassle. Pressure washing dirt off your second floor windows can be much easier, there are even detergents and special attachments made for this. Just be sure to avoid any products that will harm your paint or plants if they are allowed to run.

Need some help?

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