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Transformation Painting Project in Springfield

Upper Valley Mall in Springfield, Ohio was seeking professional painters to help them renovate an existing mall from the 1970s and convert it into an industrial office park. This included things like pressure washing, priming of existing brick, making some minor repairs, and painting the exterior of the building. The main purpose for them was to have a trusted partner transform the existing space for its new intended use. The project posed some unique challenges, including the need to complete the project within a tight deadline.

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The main challenge our team faced while completing this project was working within a tight deadline. We really had to make sure everything was on track and everything was getting painted or repaired as on schedule or ahead of schedule.

Another challenge we dealt with throughout the project was inconsistent weather conditions, which influenced when we could paint. Our team also was short on products to complete the project for a week. So, we needed to account for that lost time.


  • Complete brick building exterior
  • Concrete siding on multiple buildings
  • EIFS attention needed on some portions

Project Involvement:

  • Plan: Working with the client to understand their unique needs and how we could best complete the painting and repair transformation within their time constraints.
  • Repair: Making some EIFS repairs around the exterior of the building.
  • Clean: Providing cleaning treatments, like pressure washing, to ensure the exterior space and its surfaces were ready for the repaint.
  • Paint: Using products from Sherwin Williams, such as Block Filler and Super Paint.

Project Timeline:

  • The project took our team around 5 weeks to complete 231,000 sqft of paintable surface.
  • Including planning, we worked on this project from September to November.


The attention to detail our team brought, allowed for a successful project that the client could be proud of. The project took the dark brown 1970s shopping mall and transformed it into an industrial office park with a new refresh of color. Our client was very impressed with the outcome and how quickly we were able to finish the entire job.

Before Photos

Here is what the mall looked like before our team worked on the property.

Before the Project Started

Before the Project Started

Here is what the primary area looked like prior to our team starting this painting project.

Final Results

After Repairs

After Repairs

The building received a much needed makeover.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Here is how the property looked with a new paint color.