Vinyl Siding Painting: What You Need to Know

It used to be that once you choose your siding, you had committed to that color and style until it was time to replace it. Painting technology has developed and now that isn’t the case. You can make your home look new again with siding painting for aluminum or vinyl. Vinyl siding painting is a budget friendly and durable solution for the exterior of your home. That being said, it’s not indestructible, so if the color fades or picks up stains, don’t scrap it; pick up a brush and paint your vinyl siding. Our professionals have compiled a list of three things to know before you get started, though. Following these tips will get you the best results every time. Let’s get started!

Preparation is Vital

As we say with any painting project, preparation is vital! No paint job will look good if the proper prep work is not completed. With siding, you should check to make sure there are no underlying problems, such as loose pieces, decayed wood, or insect damage. These can all be determined by close inspection. These are all things that must be resolved before moving onto painting. Failure to do so will result in your paint job lasting for a shorter period of time and more costly repairs in the future.

If you get the all-clear on damage, it is time to start moving onto the next steps. Your house will most likely need a power wash. Intense weather can be hard on siding, and you want to make sure you are working with a pristine surface before applying primer or paint (we always recommend priming the surface!).

You’ll Want to Consider the Weather

The next thing to know before you go out and purchase your paint is that mother nature needs to have a seat at the discussion table. Not all weather conditions are good for painting the exterior of your home. Ideally, you’ll want to paint on a day that has low humidity levels and an even lower chance of rain. The perfect temperature for painting is right around 70 degrees. Once you decide on a day and time that fits these suggestions, try painting where shade is available. Following these suggestions will ensure that your paint will adhere to the surface better and last for a longer period of time––and who doesn’t want that?

Expect Expansion

Vinyl siding is made to expand and contract with the changing temperatures. That means it will slide back and forth a bit where seams overlap. When the weather gets cooler, don’t be shocked if you need to cover up some slight gaps.

Vinyl Siding Painting with CertaPro Painters®

Here at CertaPro Painters®, we love encouraging DIY projects. However, vinyl siding painting is no easy task. It is easy to mess up and can end up costing you much more than you ever anticipated. Because of that, we recommend working with a professional painting company that has experience in vinyl siding painting. These professionals will know which things to pay special attention to and can even finish your job in a faster time period.

Our teams have ample experience and great reviews to back us up. You can even get a free estimate on your project by filling out a simple, free, no-obligation form online. If you have any questions or just want to meet the CertaPro team, call 614-799-8016. We look forward to hearing from you!