Bold Paint Colors For Your Home’s Exterior

Homeowners generally select neutral paint colors when having the exterior of their home professionally painted. There’s nothing wrong with that––even the most neutral of exterior paint colors can still come together to create a bold impact––but there are some homeowners who crave a more dramatic upgrade for their home.

Homeowners shouldn’t shy away from playing with bold color palettes when selecting their exterior paint scheme. Color can bring so much personality and playfulness to your home’s exterior and can really set your home apart from the crowd. Your color choice can also impact your mood (read more on color psychology here). How great would it be if you pulled up to your home feeling amazing every time you see it?

That said, it’s still important to think through the execution and bring in help from professional color consultants if you need a second opinion before you commit. After all, it’s a big canvas you have to work with. Poor color choice can make your home stand out for all the wrong reasons. The team at CertaPro Painters® of Columbus is staffed with experts who can help you with paint color selection and then skillfully apply those colors for a polished finished product.

Red Exterior Color Schemes

A red exterior is one that demands attention. There is a lot of range when it comes to hues of red. They can be deep and moody, bright and energetic, or soft and delicate. Most people use red in small doses on their home’s exterior. Typically it pops up as the accent color for a front door, shutters, or trim. We love pushing the bar a bit more for a higher-impact professional exterior painting job.

Consider red paint for the base color of your home. You don’t have to choose full-on candy-apple red to make a statement. A red exterior using more traditional hues can create a cozy autumnal vibe to your home.

For a more daring and quirky color selection within the red family, we’re going to the lighter end of the red spectrum. A peachy blush exterior is one you won’t be able to stop looking at for all the right reasons.

A pink facade paired with dark, moody accents like hunter greens, navy blues or even dark grays will come across as sophisticated instead of looking like an oversized dollhouse. The lightest shades of pink can even appear as an earthy neutral that fits nicely with your existing landscape. Some of the best exterior paint color schemes are contextual to their environment. Don’t rule a pink hue out!

Orange You Glad You Took a Risk?

Moving next door on the color wheel from red gets us to orange, considered to be the most energetic color. It’s certainly a front-and-center color choice for a home’s exterior. Too saturated of an orange color choice can make it look like you’re living in a giant jack o’ lantern. Your house would certainly be a popular trick-or-treat destination in the neighborhood, but let’s look at some warmer orange hues that would be tasteful year-round.

Oranges are an especially flattering paint color choice for Spanish style stucco homes that are traditionally built around terracotta shades of orange, red, and deep browns. If your house is built in a modern style, you can take a bigger risk with the brightness of your hue. The sleek architecture allows you the freedom to be more adventurous with your color selection.

It’s Dramatic, Not Spooky

You can paint with black on your exterior without being the neighborhood haunted house. It’s all about balancing out darker, more dramatic hues with some bright accents. Black exteriors have come into fashion, possibly due to how well they photograph. The design and architecture world of Instagram may be helping dark facades enter the mainstream. People see photos of them and feel inspired to choose more daring options for themselves when it comes time to select a color for their exterior. The access to inspiration at our fingertips has never been greater.

A dark exterior choice like charcoal, black, or even a deep plum, can be absolutely breathtaking when paired with crisp white trim and a burst of color for the front door. Black is a good backdrop for green too. A black home can recede to put attention onto its natural surroundings.

Dare to go bold with your paint selection. Let the team at CertaPro Painters® of Columbus help tell your home’s exterior color story. Get in touch today at 614-799-8016 or schedule online to get a free estimate for a professional exterior painting project.