3 Best Colors for Brick Exteriors

Just because you have a brick home doesn’t mean you are committed to its natural color. There has been a trend to paint brick or choose vibrant colors to match with the brick exteriors. Brick can prove challenging since it naturally contains variances in colors. This is important to remember as you work to find a pairing color for the other elements of your home. The variances can cause some colors to feel brighter and more assaulting on the eyes. But fear not! You can still create a stunning palette to go with your bricks. Here are some colors we know work to get you started.

Go Safe With White

White bricks are a great choice because it’s a sophisticated feel on a traditional brick. The texture of the mortar makes the white have some style to it. You can also bring white brick inside in the form of a fireplace. White brick exteriors are a popular choice when paired with another color for trim or the remainder of the exterior.

A Bold and Beautiful Black

While black seems counterintuitive, it’s the perfect way to showcase your bricks. Using the black against a bright brick creates the feeling of muted charcoal rather than strictly black. If you are considering a deep color like this in our area, remember the sun tends to leach pigments from colors. This will work best if your home is more shaded and protected from the sun. When paired with bricks, it is a timeless and secure look that will last through many seasons.

Choose a Blue Hue

You don’t have to shy away from the color spectrum when choosing what color to paint your brick. In fact, deep, dark blue is the perfect answer to mute brand new bricks. Again, remember deep colors can be leached by the sun. This color will work best in shaded or protected areas of your walls. This not quite navy is a win with brick because it reigns in the warm colors of the bricks to a manageable level.

CertaPro Can Help Choose the Best Color for Bricks

If you need help to choose the best colors for bricks in your home, CertaPro Painters® can help! We have dedicated color consultants that look at your space and work with you to make all of your dreams come true. We are expert painters in the Columbus area, we always stay on budget and on time, and we can start your exterior painting project today. To get in touch with one of our professionals, call 614-489-8830 or fill out our free, no-obligation form. We look forward to working with you!