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Retail Enhancement Project in Springboro, OH

In 2019, CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, OH was asked to assist in modernizing the Springboro plaza. The retail complex spans over 40,000 sq. ft., with improvements need to both the building and parking area. The plaza suffered from an assortment of ailments, including peeling, flacking, rust, and discoloring.

A massive color change was in the cards for the facility as well. The flagship store in the plaza was converted in to a church with its own color scheme, prompting the owner to match the entire complex with the same look. CertaPro Paintersreg; worked with the owner throughout the color design process, providing renderings and color scheme options.

Repainted Springboro strip


Projects of this magnitude contain their own sets of hurdles. Communication with plaza management and coordination among team members was paramount to complete the project in an efficient manner.

A main challenge involved with the assignment was the aforementioned color change. This require a thorough and meticulously worked exterior to the complex, making sure all surfaces were transformed to the managements liking.


  • Peeling Paint – Paint on the exterior was beginning to peel away from the walls, leaving an unappealing surface
  • Discoloration – The exterior had sections of discoloration due to failed attempts of spot corrections
  • Extreme Fading – Due to years of weather and sunlight exposure, the exterior had become significantly faded
  • Rusted Metal – Metal areas of the doors, roofs, bollards, and light poles had significant rusting


    • Preparation – CertaPro Painters® cleaned and prepped the plaza, removing rust and readying the surface for an even coating
    • Painting – CertaPro’s professionals worked with the administration to ensure the color change and design would turn out exactly how it was foreseen

Project Timeline – Approximately 2 weeks



After the project was completed, CertaPro Painters® gathered images of the Springboro Plaza transformation. The property was repaired, cleaned, and repainted for a brand new and beautiful look.

Revived Plaza

Revived Plaza

The Springboro Plaza was refinished with a fresh coat of paint offering long lasting protection.

Color Change

Color Change

The complex received a new color scheme to match the flagship storefront of Springboro Plaza.

Painted Walkways

Painted Walkways

The walkways and overhangs were repainted to offer a fresh feel to the customer's surroundings.

Refinished Roof and Trim

Refinished Roof and Trim

Rust was removed and a new coat of paint was applied so the roof matched the rest of worked areas.

Painted Light Poles

Painted Light Poles

The parking lot received a facelift with repainted light poles, matching the color of the facility.