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Door Staining Services in Columbus, GA and Auburn, AL

People always say, “first impressions matter”, and your home’s exterior appearance will be the first thing people will set their eyes on. Anyone who walks into your home, or comes to your front door will see, at first glance, the integrity of your home. With this thought in many people’s minds, door staining has become a niche for all types of homes looking to refresh their exterior. This is why the CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, GA and Auburn, AL has specialized in the Door Staining service for many years.

If you notice your doors, showing wear-and-tear from age, or various weather elements, hire our painting contractors, and schedule an estimate today!

Depending on your project, our professional surface prep and door staining process may include:

  • Removal of dirt, grime, and chipped paint.
  • Sanding
  • Premium stain application

We’ll work with you to find a stain that both matches your home’s style and has a protective barrier best-suited for the climate in our area.

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The Door Staining Process

If you live in the Columbus, GA or Auburn, AL area and your home have doors in need of some attention, we can help with our professional refinishing, staining services. By staining your exterior doors, especially, your front door, your increase curb appeal and the value of your home. Exterior wood is constantly exposed to weather conditions, which can leave your doors to wear and tear. If you’re looking for that traditional wood-style door and do not want to paint your door, then staining your doors is the best option.

Our team will quickly assess your doors and get to work on refinishing and staining your doors. Here are some steps to give you an idea of what the project entails:

  • We assess your door to determine the condition. If any putty or caulk is needed we will apply it to the areas.
  • Choose Your Stain Color
  • We remove the lockset from the door.
  • We start sanding the exterior of the door.
  • Then, we add the concentrated stain to restore the door to the original color or give it a new stain appearance.
  • We apply a coat of varnish to the exterior, if needed.
  • Once the door is stained, we wipe it down to eliminate lingering streaks and drips.
  • Lastly, we let your door air dry. It usually takes 24 hours for stain or varnish to dry.

Door Staining in Columbus, GA and Auburn, AL

CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, GA and Auburn, AL offers door staining services to restore and renew the beauty of your entryways. See our door painting projects below with after photos of our work:

Double Door Wood Staining

Double Door Wood Staining

Modern Residential Door Staining

Modern Residential Door Staining

Restoring Door Back to Brand New

Restoring Door Back to Brand New