Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Auburn and Columbus for a Beautiful Kitchen Makeover

A kitchen makeover does not have to cost thousands of dollars or weeks of renovations. Actually, the cost can be quite affordable and the project can take just a couple of days. This lower-cost option consists of kitchen cabinet painting and interior painting.

Starting with Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Changing the look of your cabinets can have a significant effect on the appearance of your kitchen. You don’t have to tear down all of the cabinets to do it, though. You can simply call our kitchen cabinet painters in Auburn and Columbus.

Our kitchen cabinet painting services include removing the existing paint or sanding down the stain. Once that is complete, we prep it for paint or new stain. Our professional painters can paint the cabinets any color or shade of stain you would like to turn your kitchen around.

Get a quote on how much it will cost to repaint your cabinets by calling 866-273-4096.

Taking It a Step Further with Interior Painting

After the cabinets are newly refinished or painted, we can always tackle the walls. Choosing a completely different color for the walls will take your kitchen makeover to a whole new level.

Our paint contractors near you will take their time to paint around the cabinets and other structures for a flawless finish. You will love the smooth, clean look our painting results deliver.

Color Consultation Available

If you’re unsure what colors for your cabinets or walls, contact us for a color consultation. Our color consultant will bring samples to your home to show you what colors will look like in your kitchen. She can also recommend colors that go well together in kitchens, so you can choose the right combination of cabinet and wall color.

Most of our customers are highly satisfied with the colors they end up choosing with the help of our consultant.

Request an Estimate for a Kitchen Makeover

If you’re interested in a kitchen makeover from CertaPro Painters® of Columbus – Auburn, contact us today. You can call us at 866-273-4096 or send us a message by clicking on GET FREE ESTIMATE at the top of the page.

We look forward to helping you with your kitchen transformation project!