The Cost to Paint a House in Chattanooga

Posted on July 29, 2021

Painting your home is an exciting prospect. Whether you’re looking for an interior or exterior update to the look of your house, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time considering the different colors and coats available to you, as well as any supplementary touch-ups to make the new look truly pop. But from there, it’s likely that a more direct question comes into your mind: “how much is this going to cost me?”

While our team at CertaPro Painters® of Chattanooga, TN can’t definitively name a price until you’ve reached out to schedule a free estimate, there are a number of pertinent factors that can be considered beforehand to give you an idea of how the final price is determined and where your budget will go. Check out the list below, which will hopefully clear up some of the confusion and give you some talking points when it comes time to discuss your project with our team!

House Painting Cost Factors

Traditional home with cherry blossoms

The Size of the Project

The first, and likely most obvious, factor involved in determining the pricing of your project is the overall scope of it. The labor and material investment increases for larger home exteriors as well as for interior projects involving more rooms or larger spaces. If a comprehensive repaint of your interior or exterior is more than you can currently budget for, we’re always more than happy to narrow the project focus to the rooms in your home or areas outside of it that need the most attention.

Green kitchen with white cabinets

Labor, Skills and Services Required

A crucial part of your estimate process will be determining exactly what the task ahead of our team will look like, and this has a significant influence on the final price. Depending on your time frame and the scope of the project, more painters may be required on the job to ensure it gets done in a timely manner with respect to factors beyond our control, namely the weather. All of this will be fully laid out for you during the estimating process.

Additional services, such as cabinet refinishing, crown molding and staining may also be necessary to ensure a satisfactory job and help your home look it’s absolute best. These may come at additional costs, which we will keep you fully informed of at every step of the process, starting with your estimate. When our team is finished, we’ll do a walk-through with you to ensure that you’re satisfied with the completed work. If there’s any part of the project area that requires a touch-up, our team will return to take care of it at no additional cost to you!

Classical yellow home

Color Changes

When introducing an entirely new look to your home, we take every step necessary to ensure a smooth transition with no traces of the original shade. Depending on the colors involved, this may incur additional costs if more coats are needed to prevent the previous layer “bleeding through.” For example, going from a dark blue to a soft white color would most likely require a higher number of coats and therefore bring a higher cost to the project.

When working with similar hues, however, this may not necessarily be the case. For example, going from a pale red to a rich maroon, or refinishing a faded, dirty wall in the same color may allow our team to get the job done with only a single coat, therefore lowering the overall cost. We offer color consultation services to help you fully understand the way that different shades and finishes will work in your room and how it’ll contribute to your overall budget, just ask us at the time of your estimate!

Window on wooden home exterior

Types of Paint and Materials

Depending on the nature of the job itself and the desired finish of the completed work, different types of paints, primers, caulk, and other common painting tools will be necessary from one job to another. Our team will expertly assess the necessary materials from the start of the job and factor in their prices accordingly. We encourage you to discuss this with our team during the estimating process so that we can determine an approach that fits most comfortably into your budget.

Painter working with a lift

Equipment Needed

All projects differ in regards to how our professional painters will access the surfaces within the scope of work. Oftentimes, we can get creative with ladder work to keep the costs down for our customers. However, sometimes we will need to rent scaffolding or a lift to reach certain areas. This is not common, but some examples may be a chimney or if the exterior of the house is located on a hill. Safety is always a priority, so the cost may be influenced by the required rental equipment needed.

No matter the size or scope of your project, getting your estimate with CertaPro Painters® of Chattanooga, TN is always 100% free. Click here to schedule yours and we’ll work together on a plan that fits your needs and budget!