Our Experts From CertaPro Painters® Tackle Mold Issues

Finding mold in your home is never pleasant and it can be a real buzzkill if you uncover it right before you are ready to paint. The question then becomes: Can you paint over the mold to kill it? Ask our expert CertaPro Painters®.

Mold Killing Paint VS. Mold Resistant Paint

wall primerPainting over mold can be a solution to the problem if you deal with the source of the mold problem before you begin painting. You will need to invest in mold killing paint to get rid of the already existing mold. This paint will prevent future mold, but it won’t completely eliminate it. Mold resistant paint is designed to work in rooms that have extra moisture in the air. This tends to occur in places such as the kitchen, closets, basement, attic, and bathroom. You can buy the paint at any home improvement store.


Prepping Before You Paint

Once you have the correct paint make sure the surface is as clean as possible before you begin painting. The mold should either be completely removed or cover with a mold sealant. The surface also needs to be dry. Don’t forget to prep with all of your painting tools.



Best Practices For Keeping The Mold At Bay

Interior Home PaintingOnce you have completed your painting project, the only thing left to do is help prevent mold outbreaks. Try to make the room an inhabitable place for the mold. Keep the room as dry as possible and keep it ventilated as well. If it is a commonly used room, then the keep the temperature warm and dry.If the mold is still not going away or is spreading, try to use a dehumidifier. If the cause of the mold is just due to the building or the weather outside, a dehumidifier can help. They make small portable ones that will barely take up any room at all.

Do Your Due Diligence

Lastly, always remember to keep checking for signs of mold even if you think the problem is gone. If the job turns out to be more than you want to take on, contact a local painter from CertaPro Painters®. Get a free estimate today.