07 July 2022

How to Prepare for a Commercial Painting Appointment

Offices, retail spaces and restaurants all need a refreshing paint job every so often. To give your customers and clients the best impression possible, make sure your building’s appearance looks clean and attractive. Business owners in the Charlottesville area turn to CertaPro Painters® to improve their commercial exterior and interior appearance. But what are theRead the full article

08 June 2022

Best Home Office Paint Colors

Creating a space for you to be productive is the key to a happy working at home life. You may not have put much thought into your home office prior to the stay at home order, but now is the time to give yourself the office of your dreams. Never underestimate the power paint colorsRead the full article

09 May 2022

3 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

You are told every spring you should do a full inspection of your home’s exterior paint. If you find that it is in decent condition with no repairs needed, don’t lose your excitement for an exterior update. You can still make a difference in the look of your home! However, don’t forget that sometimes anRead the full article

09 April 2022

3 Exterior Painting Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of components that go into painting a home. It is sure to be overwhelming and intimidating if you’ve never taken on such a task. Gathering the materials, prepping the areas, and carefully applying paint is a lot to manage. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your resultRead the full article

12 March 2022

Exterior Painting Services Essential for a Great Finish

When you need to paint the exterior of your home, it is essential to find the most capable, professional company to get the job done. There is more to look for than a crew that can put the paint on the wall, though. Exterior painting often requires additional services you may not look for theRead the full article

08 February 2022

Paint Colors that Boost Your Mood

It’s no surprise that our moods are affected by the things we surround ourselves with. So it makes sense that the paint colors you choose to put on your walls can inhibit or enhance your mood. When you aim to boost your mood in a room, keep in mind its intended use. For example, paintingRead the full article

08 January 2022

How to Find the Best Painters Near You

Finding the best residential painters is an essential step to getting the finish of your dreams. However, finding the right painters can be hard with so many options out there. In an area like Virginia, it is even more important to make sure that the residential painters you hire are familiar with the area andRead the full article

08 December 2021

Prepare for the Holidays with Interior Painting

Winter is in full swing! If you or your home were not prepared to host friends and family, this time has probably quickly snuck up on you. Fortunately, there is still some time to get those interior painting home improvement projects taken care of! If it’s been a while since the last time you madeRead the full article

16 November 2021

Should I Refinish or Replace my Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets can make or break your kitchen. Replacing them is a big – and costly- decision. Refinishing them can add life, but are your cabinets up to the task? Should you refinish your kitchen cabinets, or replace them all together? In this article, our professionals will dive into both of these options and when itsRead the full article

11 October 2021

5 Best Bedroom Paint Colors

The case has been made countless times that colors and light can affect our mood and even our energy levels. The right color can help you fall asleep easier, and even wake up lighter and with more energy. Here are a few bedroom paint colors that tend to fare well in bedrooms, that will hopefullyRead the full article