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Power Washing Services in Charlotte & Matthews, NC

CertaPro Painters® of Charlotte and Matthews, NC excels in providing professional power washing services. In addition to revitalizing your home’s exterior, power washing serves as a crucial initial step for various exterior painting projects. By effectively removing stubborn dirt and buildup, power washing ensures a smooth surface for painting applications. Our expertise extends to cleaning a variety of surfaces including siding, walkways, patios, decks, and other outdoor entertainment areas.

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Power Washing is the Foundation of our Exterior Paint Process

Exterior painting from CertaPro Painters® of Charlotte and Matthews, NC usually follows a five-step process: washing, surface preparation, painting, cleaning, and inspection. The first step, washing, is the foundation of the entire project to remove mold, oil, and old paint so new paint absorbs into your surface better.

Power Wash

Any necessary areas of your home’s exterior will be power washed or hand washed to remove dirt and mildew.


Any loose paint is scraped, glossy areas are scuff sanded and any gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion.


Your repaired areas are primed before premium-quality paint is applied to your home’s exterior, creating a uniform finish.

Trim and Exterior Painting


At the end of each day, the painting crew cleans up around your home, ensuring any paint chips are removed and all materials are stored neatly away.


After our own inspection, your job site supervisor will walk you through the space, giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide any initial feedback.

Common Questions About Power Washing Services

What are the benefits of power washing?

Power washing effectively removes dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other debris from surfaces, restoring their appearance and extending their lifespan. It can also prepare surfaces for painting or staining by providing a clean and smooth surface.

Is power washing safe for all surfaces?

While power washing is generally safe for most surfaces when done correctly by trained professionals, it may not be suitable for delicate surfaces such as certain types of wood, stucco, or older painted surfaces. Professionals will adjust the pressure and techniques based on the surface material to avoid damage.

How often should power washing be done?

The frequency of power washing depends on factors such as the climate, location, and surface type. Typically, it is recommended to have surfaces power washed annually to maintain cleanliness and prevent buildup of dirt and contaminants.

How long does a power washing service take?

The duration of a power washing service depends on factors such as the size of the area to be cleaned, the level of dirt and buildup, and the equipment used. Typically, smaller residential projects may take a few hours, while larger commercial projects may take a full day or more.

Is it necessary to hire professionals for power washing?

While some homeowners may attempt DIY power washing, CertaPro Painters® of Charlotte & Matthews, NC ensures that the job is done safely, effectively, and without causing damage to surfaces. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide thorough and efficient power washing services.

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