What is the ideal temperature for painting?

Now that spring is here, you have probably found yourself thinking about your home renovation project to-do list. This season is great for both interior and exterior painting upgrades. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Charlotte Matthews, we specialize in residential painting services and we value your complete satisfaction with each painting project that we complete at your residence. Continue reading below to learn the best conditions for painting in the local service area.

When is it too hot or cold to paint inside?

home exteriorWhen painting the interior of your home, the temperature outside isn’t as important as the humidity level and ventilation is. The ideal range for interior painting projects in Charlotte-Matthews is between 50 to 90 degrees. If your indoor temperature is too hot, the paint is forced to dry too quickly. This often results in cracking or can cause a film to form on the newly painted surface. If it is too cold, the new paint will struggle to bond to the surface. This can result in an uneven texture or appearance.

Best temperature for drying exterior paint?

The ideal humidity level is between 40 to 70 percent. If our local humidity levels are above this, your paint may not be able to bind to the exterior surface. This would result in an extra slow drying time and may even take days to fully dry. Your new paint will remain clumpy and wet if the moisture in the air won’t allow the solvents to evaporate. This can delay the curing time, while also keeping it from settling evenly on the surface. As it can get very toasty in the Charlotte-Matthews service area, it is imperative to keep an eye on local weather and humidity levels when scheduling an exterior painting project.

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