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Color Psychology – What Colors Make You Feel

Posted on January 30, 2023

How the colors you choose can affect your mood

Did you know the color of your room can affect your overall mood and can even have health benefits? It’s true, colors are powerful! Ancient cultures believed the color orange could heal the lungs and increase energy. Choosing just one color can be a daunting task and with no experience where do you even start? The trick is to choose a few choice colors and start blending them together to create a color palette for your space. Limit yourself to 3 colors, too many colors can make a room feel cluttered or chaotic. A good rule of thumb is light colors will make a room feel bigger, while darker colors can give a large room a more intimate feel.

Let’s take a deeper look at color psychology

The first questions you should ask yourself when choosing a color should be:

1. What mood do you want to create in your room?

2. What colors match that mood?

If you do not have a natural eye for design, try getting some inspiration online or even from a friend’s house that makes you feel right at home!

Pro tip: Take a look at your rugs, pillows, throws, etc. around your space. This will give you a good idea of what colors you lean towards

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