Best Color for Bedroom Walls

Bedroom PaintingThe case has been made countless times that colors and light can affect our mood and even our energy levels. The right color can help you fall asleep easier, and even wake up lighter and with more energy. Here are a few colors that tend to fare well in bedrooms, that will hopefully help you find the best color for your bedroom walls.

Airy Blues

In numerous sleep studies, blue often comes out on top as the color that gets people to better and quicker sleep. The soothing sky tones can bring freshness and calm to a room, while still leaving the possibilities open for exciting design ideas. The versatility of a light blue shade can make a statement in many different themes, and yet not overwhelm the design if properly paired with thoughtfully selected trimming and bedding.

Creamy Yellows

There are few things as invigorating as the warm sun rays reaching you through your windows bright and early in the morning. But if your walls are too bright, this could be a less than pleasant experience for your eyes. We like the idea of vivid, yet toned down shades for bedrooms because they bring life to space while not overpowering the room. The best color for bedroom walls is going to be one that makes you feel most comfortable, and often a light yellow can bring warmth and cheer to a room, and just the right dose of energy.

Soft Pinks

Many who had pink rooms growing up outgrew them within a few years. Often touted as overtly feminine, pink gets a bad reputation for bedroom walls, but in reality, it can actually bring a subtle and resolute background for sophisticated designs. Blush or peach pink walls can contrast bolder design choices without competing for attention, and still allow you to get a restful night’s sleep.

Fresh Greens

Hope springs eternal, and green reminds us of it. An earthy, yet crisp tone of green can bring the soothing notes of nature, right into your room. When paired with wooden furniture and accents, a light, even minty green can transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation, with exciting elements of fun throughout.

Bright Whites

If the natural or artificial lighting is just right, a stark white room can sometimes be the most strikingly beautiful, while at the same time calming. Neutral hues give a room space to breathe, and they aren’t victim to changing trends. Paired with a few key elements, white can tie together what could otherwise be passed off as boring. For its versatility, white can be one of the best colors for bedroom walls, as the most neutral of them all and also the one that allows for so much creativity in design, even when you change your mind every couple of months. With white bedroom walls, you can explore the effects of all other colors with bedding, furniture, and accents, before you make a more permanent change with color.

Tips on Choosing the Best Color for Bedroom Walls

Select toned down shades, which absorb more color, and flat paints that prevent lights from reflecting on a glossy surface and instead elicit more calming and comfortable feelings.

Stay away from dark colors that can become drab, or sharper colors that can increase your activity and alertness rather than calm you down. Bold colors that inspire motion and activity should be left for living rooms or other areas where you would like to promote liveliness and productivity.

When you take into account your personal tastes, design inspiration, and trends, your options for wall colors can either be narrowed down or opened up exponentially. If you need further help deciding, you might want to consider reaching out to house painting professionals like CertaPro Painters. Call today to schedule your free in-home estimate, which includes a complimentary color consultation.