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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Charleston

Cabinets can hold back the most beautiful kitchen, but custom cut cabinets are expensive and messy to replace. Instead, if your cabinets are in good conditions, consider painting them for a revitalized look. Our knowledgeable staff of refinishing teams can create a new look for your kitchen utilizing your current cabinets.

As part of our kitchen cabinet painting services, we can add paint finishes to the following:

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing can provide a completely new look or an improved version of the original. If your current cabinets have started to chip, the coating begins to degrade. This can lead to wood rot or warping. Refinishing puts a halt on the decay. What’s more, it’s much less expensive than buying new cabinets.

Cabinet Painting

You can choose to have your cabinets stained, to bring out the grain of the wood, or painted, which gives you more color choices. The cost difference will depend on how detailed the cabinet is and what style you are looking for. You can invite a CertaPro Painters® professional into your home for a quote.

Update your Kitchen Cabinets 

If you’re tired of the way your kitchen cabinets look, you don’t have to pay to have a new kitchen installed. You can save money and give your kitchen a facelift by having your cabinets refinished. This project requires a lot of work and craftsmanship, so it’s best to hire experienced professionals from CertaPro Painters®. With us, you can rest assured that the job will be done with skill and precision.

There are several options for cabinet refinishing. They can be painted in place, removed, and sprayed in a garage. They can also be taken off-site for a more controlled refinishing. The time it takes to refinish cabinets will depend on how many you have. Typically, it takes anywhere between a couple of days to one week. You won’t be able to use your kitchen during this time, as the area is protected.

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They were fast, professional, and did a good job. They were thorough with their prep, were neat with their work and cleaned well. It was an all around good experience.

- Lois C - Summerville, SC

Lois C - Summerville, SC

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The Kitchen Cabinet Restoration & Painting Process

Not all projects are the same, the process with vary depending on the type of cabinets you have and the scope of work to be done. The below gives a high level overview of what to expect with a cabinet project.

Doors & Hardware Are Removed

We carefully remove doors and hardware from all cabinets. You will have an opportunity to update hardware on a project like this to match the new look.

Surfaces are Sanded & Prepped

Surfaces are sanded, some parts by hand and others with power equipment to prep the surface for a new paint or stain application.

Paint/Stain is Applied to Doors

The project will vary here depending on if you want a stained finish or a painted one. Painting often includes primer steps to help keep the finish durable.

Paint/Stain Applied to Mounted Cabinets

We then work our way around the hung cabinets, while still on the wall. This is usually done with hand rollers or brushes.

Reassemble Cabinets

After the paint or stain has had time to dry and cure, the cabinets and hardware are put back together for a beautiful final product with a a brand new look.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting FAQs

We know there are plenty of questions that arise when it comes to any home makeover project. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions about kitchen repainting and refinishing projects in Charleston.

How do I prepare my kitchen cabinets for painting?

We recommend removing all items from the cabinets and safely placing them away from the work area before our team arrives.

What about doors or drawers?

We will remove doors and hardware as needed during the painting process.

What is the cost of painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets?

The cost of your kitchen cabinet project varies depending on the condition of the cabinets, the price of new hardware, what the cabinets are made of, and other additional factors.