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Professional Stucco Repair & Painting in Central Washington

If you have stucco finish on your house, it may be time for your stucco to be repaired or painted. It’s common for the stucco to fade or crack with age, time, and exposure to the elements. If you notice any cracks on the exterior of your stucco home that are larger than 1/8″, bulges in the walls, or chalking, it may be time for repairs and painting to the surfaces. When you want to repaint your stucco to maintain curb appeal and structure, you will probably notice while painting that there are cracks or chips in the stucco. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to make repairs along with the painting the exterior, which is where we come in.

CertaPro Painters® of Central Washington offers both exterior painting and repair services for stucco homes. Our painters are experts in the field and know the proper interior or exterior techniques for stucco repairs and painting.

If your project requires repairs, we can help. Our Stucco services include:

  • Repair – We identify and repair cracks in stucco surfaces.
  • Replace Stucco – Stucco is a composite material mix of cement, sand, water, and lime. Areas with damaged stucco will be replaced.
  • Primer – Waterproof sealant is applied to the repaired stucco. Stucco can be quite porous, so we apply a sealant to make your home last.
  • Paint – As a final step, we apply your chosen color coat of paint to apply to the stucco.


Stucco Painting & Repair Projects in Central Washington

See below for samples from our portfolio of stucco homes we have worked on. Contact us if you have questions or are interested in a free stucco services estimate.

Black Stucco Painting

Black Stucco Painting

in Yakima, WA

Textured Stucco Exterior Painting

Textured Stucco Exterior Painting

in Yakima, Washington

White Stucco Painting

White Stucco Painting

in Hull, WA