How to Pick the Right Exterior Paint Color for your Home

Picking a paint color for the outside of your home can be stressful. After all, this is the first impression people are going to have of your home and therefore, you. The goal is highlighting the best features on the home.

Consider the Color of your Neighbors Home

You definitely don’t want to paint your house the same color or even a very similar shade to your neighbors. You also don’t want it to clash. If you live in a neighborhood where all the homes are relatively close to one another be cautious of all the surrounding homes and pick a color that coordinates well with the neighborhood. You want to complement or even contrast with homes that are surrounding yours.

Get Inspiration from your Location

Where you live has a huge impact on what color you should paint the exterior of your home. If you live in a forest area, surrounded by trees and flowers than consider going with earthy tones such as browns, tans, and greens. On the contrary, if you live by a beach you can be more creative and use bright colors such as turquoise or pink.


Where does the sunshine on your house and how is the house positioned? The light always has a huge influence on which color you should pick.

Check the Color of the Roof and the Texture

Your house does not need to match the color of the roof, but it should compliment it. What type of roof is it? Keep in mind that your house is the easiest thing to change the color of, so you want to try and coordinate it with the roof and driveway.

Seek inspiration from the inside of your home.

Many architects and designers will tell you to harmonize the outside of your home with the inside.

Consider your main goal for how you want your house to come across.

Do you want to make it look larger? Go with a light paint, particularly white. Light colors make homes look larger.

Do you want a dramatic and eye-catching look? Go with a darker shade. Although it’s true that dark siding or trim will make your house seem smaller, it draws more attention to the details of the home.

Lastly, have fun with it and at the end of the day it’s all about showcasing you and your homes personality!