The Best Kitchen Color Combos

The kitchen is a very important space in any home. It is a place where memories are made, and laughs are shared. It is important to make your kitchen space unique to you, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy spending time in there. Colors have the ability to change the entire atmosphere of the room. When choosing your kitchen colors, choose wisely! We put together this list of our favorite kitchen color combos.

Blue and Cream
Sky blue cabinets paired with cream tiles is a match made in heaven. This soothing combo will feel inviting to anyone who visits your home.

Gray and Navy
A dark gray on the walls paired with steel cabinets and hints of navy created a mysterious and elegant feel.

Metallic Gold and Cream
A metallic gold finish on the cabinets paired with cream tiles and accents will look extremely stylish and classy.

Pink and Coral
This sounds like a lot but if done right this combo is so fun and beautiful for a kitchen space. A light pink on the walls paired with a coral accent rug and other coral accents creates a happy welcoming atmosphere.

Lavender and Gold
Lavender is one of the most soothing colors. Dress it up by adding gold accents all throughout the kitchen. Complete it with a cream and lavender accent rug.

All White and Wood
Although the all-white kitchen trend is on its way out, we still love this look. If you have light hardwood floors, they look gorgeous paired with white walls and cabinets.

White and Black
A lot of people hopped on board the all-white kitchen trend. Although this won’t be as trendy in 2020, there is a way to evolve with the times. Add black accents! This look is modern and classic.

Gray and Dark Green
Gray is often used as a neutral. If you use gray as the paint color, try pairing it with accents of dark green.