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CertaPro Painters of Central & Northeast Houston were contacted by an investment firm located in California to fully paint the exterior of their newly acquired warehouses in Houston. They were definitely in need of some love, as they were in pretty rough shape. It wasn’t just a few warehouses that needed help either, there were 16 in total, all of which were occupied by tenants.

The Job:

An investment firm in California reached out to CertaPro Painters of Central & Northeast Houston in regards to warehouses that were in rough shape. All 16 of the warehouses needed extensive work, and the warehouses were still being used for day-to-day operations. This required extreme coordination with tenants and management to ensure business was not disrupted.

The Work:

Each of the warehouses needed to be pressure washed, have stucco, gutters, and downspouts repaired, and finished with two coats of paint. The team at CertaPro Painters of Central & Northeast Houston needed to work around tenants using the warehouses for daily operations, so they worked on weekends, at night, and early in the morning to keep their schedules unaffected. To avoid overspraying during the job, the professionals used spraying techniques, utilized boom lifts and scissor lifts to reach higher places, and pressure washers with water tanks to complete the job.

Final Result:

In all, it took less than 2 months of working odd hours to complete the job. When the job began, the investment firm sent representatives out into the field to meet with the team. From there, everything else was done through email, video, and phone communication. When the job was complete, key personnel returned to the jobsite and were thoroughly impressed with the work, as it needed no touchups, there were no incidents with tenants or administration, and the job was completed on budget, and before the originally quoted time.

Please view the photos below, as well as our YouTube video on this project.