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Restoring Rotten Wood to its Former Beauty

Exterior wood window shutters and trim work, door jams, soffits, and fencing – most frequently constructed of pine, redwood or cedar – are primarily used to enhance the appearance of multi-family residential and commercial structures throughout Central, IL. However, each of these spaces will require routine maintenance in order to protect them from wood rot. Wood rot often results from excess moisture or insect damage.

If your home is experiencing wood rot in any of these places, Certapro Painters® of Central, IL are here to help! We can repair wood rot efficiently and effectively at your local home or commercial space.

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How to Repair Wood Rot

When wood rot is not beyond repair, a suitable solution may be to simply sand smooth and adequately seal it to avoid further damage. Smaller deteriorated spaces and holes can be filled with wood putty, then sanded, repainted or stained. These short-term rotten wood solutions may be sufficient to repair any minor wood defects.

Severe wood rot will need to be completely replaced for long-term service. When replacing the wood, a stronger wood selection may also be necessary. New wood needs to be properly sanded and sealed to prevent recurring wood rot in the future. It is essential that you select the right sealant for your specific type of wood. Our painting contractors in Central, IL can help you choose the best products for your unique wood rot repair project.

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