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Tony P. | Bloomington, IL
August 6, 2022

Thorough, itemized, quote given onsite

Harriett S. | Bloomington, IL
August 4, 2022

Nick was attentive to all of the details involved. He is a pleasure to deal with.

Carol R. | Peoria, IL
July 29, 2022

Our area was very difficult to do. It was on a slanted roof. No problem for them to do. Highly recommend them. Very nice friendly and professional.

Dawn H. | Bloomington, IL
July 23, 2022

Their ability to work my small job into their schedule. The professionalism of everyone involved; from the scheduling, to the estimate, to the people who did the job.

William S. | Bloomington, IL
July 23, 2022

The entire process was great from start to finish

Theresa S. | West Peoria, IL
July 23, 2022


Michelle S. | Bloomington, IL
July 21, 2022

On time and discuss everything that need to be done, however I call two days ago and having got a call back yet

Marilyn E. | Peoria, IL
July 13, 2022

Certa Pro was a one-stop shop from the power washing, the painting prep, the exterior painting, and the clean up. The painter reviewed with me during a walk around the house what was getting painted with the primary color and what was getting painted with the trim color. After they removed the tape and window coverings, the painter touched up areas that needed it. They didn't get paint on the bricks and/or foundation. They painted as if they were painting their own house and told us when they were done for the day and what they would be doing the next day. He and his son were very pleasant to work with over the 5 days they prepped, painted, and cleaned up. Our experience with Certa Pro was very positive.

Debbie V. | Forsyth, IL
July 10, 2022

The painters did a great job of not missing a section and were quick in preparing and finishing the job correctly.

Matthew L. | Peoria, IL
July 9, 2022