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Fence Painting Services Provided by CertaPro Painters® of Central and North Dallas

Having your fence painted by professional painters is the easiest way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Painting your fence doesn’t only make your house look good, though. It can extend the life of your fence, saving you a lot of money.

When you decide to reach out to CertaPro Painters® of Central and North Dallas for fence painting services, you can be sure to receive high quality results.

Assess & Repair Your Fence

We take the time to assess the current state of the face to determine if repairs are needed. If repairs are needed, we most likely can take care of them for you.

assess your fence

Prep Work

Once the fence is repaired, we can start the prep work for the fence painting. We will lay down protective cloth to ensure we don't get paint on anything around your fence. The fence will be scraped to remove any dirt, gravel and chipped paint. If necessary, we will sand any areas that are raised or lose to create a smooth surface.

sand fence


Our professional fence painters take their time and have the required experience and skills to make your fence look brand new again. After we apply our finish coat of premium paint or stain, your fence will be ready to make the neighbors jealous!

High Quality work and very pleasant temperament of the crew.

- Daniel R. | Dallas, TX

Daniel R. | Dallas, TX

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Benefits of Fence Painting and Staining Services

While your first thought may be to have your fence painted and stained to improve the appearance of it, there’s another more important reason to have it painted or stained. A fence is subject to the weather every single day. This means the sun beats down on it for hours a day. The wind rocks it back and forth. The rain pounds on it. All of these elements can make your fence look old and unattractive, but it also decreases the integrity of it. When damage isn’t repaired, it gets worse and starts affecting the rest of the fence. It can quickly turn into a situation where it needs to be replaced.

Fence maintenance is highly important, and CertaPro Painters® of Central and North Dallas can help.

We will assess the condition of the fence and make the required repairs to reinstate the integrity of it.

We will then paint or stain it to make it look like you did replace it!

You will impress your neighbors and they will want to have their own fence painted or stained. Guests will notice how lovely your fence looks giving them quite an impression when they visit you.

Take care of your fence by contacting us. We would be happy to help you extend the life of your fence with our professional fence painting services.

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About Our Fence Painters in Dallas

Our team of fence painters are some of the best ones in Dallas. We receive many fence painting projects in the area, so they have a lot of experience working on many different types of fences. They have been able to repair wood, vinyl, and even aluminum fencing. No matter what fence you own, if it can be painted or stained, our professional painters can do it.

We understand that different fences need unique care when it comes to repairing, cleaning, and prepping for paint. We know that wood fences need to be scraped, sanded and primed before painting or staining. We also know that metal fences require a wire brush to clean them, and they need rust inhibiting primer to keep them from developing rust. All of these details is what makes our team the preferred.

We will schedule a day to come to your house to paint your fence. You do not have to be home while we paint since everything we need is with us and the fence is of course, outside. When we’re done, we’d like to have you review our work to see if it meets your expectations. Most of our customers have nothing but positive things to say about our fence painting results.


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