12 January 2020

7 Things you Need to Know Before Hiring a Painter

Painting projects are one of the most popular home improvement projects that people like to DIY. Although it seems easy, experience goes a long way. Hiring a professional to complete the project will probably save you a lot of time and headaches. When you start your hunt for the perfect painter to complete the job,Read the full article

31 October 2019

The Best Bedroom Paint Colors to Help You Sleep

Color psychology has revealed that colors have an affect on our behavior and mood. When people look at a particular color, they often experience an emotion tied to it. For instance, some people feel passion when they see red and feel relaxed when they see a light green color. These associations have led scientists toRead the full article

25 September 2019

Staining Your Deck: Should You Do it Yourself?

It seems easy right?  All you do is clean your deck and throw a layer of stain on it.  We’ve gotten plenty of calls from customers who thought it might be easy but needed some help fixing mistakes. Deck staining is a process that requires a professional touch at times and lots of research toRead the full article

28 August 2019

5 Tips to Save on the Cost to Paint a House

Painting a home is a big undertaking both mentally and financially. To paint the exterior of a 2,500 square foot home that’s two stories, you’re looking at about $4,000. For the interior, it’s nearly $5,500. If you are on a strict budget, trim the house painting cost with these 5 tips to save on theRead the full article

25 July 2019

How to Choose the Best Paint Contractors Near You

With so many paint contractors near you in Dallas, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your painting project. Every one of them will tell you they will paint your home or business well, but how can you be sure? Easy – keep reading this article to know what to look forRead the full article

15 June 2019

Should I Paint My House?

Painting your house provides so much more than aesthetics. Paint is the first defense for your home against the elements, crawly invaders and more. Don’t let it go unprotected by procrastinating. You could end up with much more costly repairs. So if you’re asking should I paint my house? Here are several signs to lookRead the full article

20 May 2019

Best Interior Painting Colors in Addison

Are you staring at a blank canvas on your wall and not sure where to go? We’re here to help you land on a color that is both trendy and timeless, creating a lovely living environment. Pantone’s yearly forecast has some inspiring colors to get you started. Here are the best color for interior paintingRead the full article

28 April 2019

Best Paint Colors for a Dining Room

The often forgotten dining room should be the star of your home. So many holidays, gatherings and celebrations take place in there. A bold dining room color is the perfect backdrop to the fun times. Here are the most colorful dining rooms ever. Truffle A deep dark brown is a good match for wooden furnitureRead the full article

19 March 2019

10 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Most people don’t pay much attention to floors, unless they look really nice. That’s when their head goes down, the mouth drops, and the eyes widen. WHOA! That’s exactly the response you receive when you decide to epoxy your floors. Whether it’s in your basement, garage or other area, it will surely impress anyone whoRead the full article

19 February 2019

Fence Painting Services in Dallas

Many people as they were growing up imagined having a large, beautiful house with the classic “white picket fence”. When reality came along several years later, a white picket fence may have not looked as appealing. The image of the perfect house may have turned into having a black, brown, or red wood picket fence.Read the full article