Why Black Paint is Becoming the New Trend

Every year we see new trends come and go. As of recent years, gray paint has won the hearts of many and became the most popular color choice in homes everywhere. However, it is predicted that gray’s moment is over and there is a new neutral that is going to take its place. The color we have been seeing more and more of is… black! There is no denying that incorporating black paint into your homes color scheme is quickly becoming a trend. Will it be as popular as gray was? I guess we’ll see. It can seem bold and daring but there are actually plenty of ways to pull of this look. When it is done right, it looks modern and elegant and we can see why more and more people are trying this out in their homes!

So where did this trend originate? Probably from the farmhouse aesthetic. It became very popular to paint décor black to make them look more modern. People homeowners are slowly growing more and more comfortable with adding black into their design schemes.

Similar to white paint, black paint is a blank canvas. You will want to choose a high gloss paint so that rather than making the room appear dull, it will add dimension and reflect light in that space. One thing you should be cautious of is which rooms you paint black. Black paint works best in bedrooms and living rooms. It creates a romantic, cozy atmosphere.

If you like the idea of this trend but painting a whole room black is too much for you, there are still ways to incorporate it into your home. Re-paint furniture or décor black such as your dining room table or kitchen cabinets. If you have an all-white room, try adding black accents. You can paint the doors in your home black or get black curtains.

No matter how you choose to incorporate black into your home, we’re sure it will look great!