The Best Bedroom Paint Colors to Help You Sleep

Color psychology has revealed that colors have an affect on our behavior and mood. When people look at a particular color, they often experience an emotion tied to it. For instance, some people feel passion when they see red and feel relaxed when they see a light green color. These associations have led scientists to identify the best colors to help people sleep.

Best Paint Colors for Sleep

Primary colors are not as good for sleep compared to lighter/muted shades. Flat finishes are also much better than glossy for bedrooms. Flat finishes make paint look much softer, which of course, comforts people.

In a study conducted in the UK, researchers analyzed 2000 bedrooms and found the following colors as the ones that are NOT conducive to sleep.

  1. Purple – People slept the least in this color bedroom – 5 hrs 56 mins.
  2. Red – Average sleep time was 6 hrs 58 mins.
  3. Brown – Sleep time was longer than the purple bedroom but much less than the red one – 6 hrs 5 mins.
  4. Gray – This shade seems like it would be a good one for sleep, but the study found otherwise – 6 hrs 12 mins.
  5. Gold – The color of wealth didn’t quite translate to longer sleep – 6 hrs 43 mins.

So, if your bedroom is any one of these colors, it’s time to repaint.

What color should you paint your bedroom?


Researchers found this color can prevent nightmares and helped people sleep the number of hours they should get each night – 7 hrs 52 mins.


Yellow can elicit feelings of relaxation, but it must be a soft shade of yellow. In the study, participants slept for about 7 hrs 40 mins.


Again, the green must be soft. The shades that researchers found to be the most peaceful to sleeping participants were moss and olive. The average sleep time in this color bedroom was 7 hrs 36 mins.


Gold may not have helped people sleep, but silver did. People slept about 7 hrs 33 mins in a bedroom with silver walls.


Orange promotes relaxation and comfort. It can have physical effects as well by aiding in digestion and soothing an upset stomach. Participants slept 7 hrs 28 mins in an orange bedroom.

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