Staining Your Deck: Should You Do it Yourself?

It seems easy right?  All you do is clean your deck and throw a layer of stain on it.  We’ve gotten plenty of calls from customers who thought it might be easy but needed some help fixing mistakes.

Deck staining is a process that requires a professional touch at times and lots of research to ensure you have the proper products and methods.  Professionally staining your deck is great for boosting the longevity of the wood on your deck and giving it a great appearance.

Why people choose professionals in Yakima to stain their deck

People contact Certapro Painters® to save time, money, and frustration.  There are quite a few steps to ensure a perfect coat of stain:

Cleaning the deck

Removing all of the debris, dirt, and power washing the deck to remove oil and grime from the surface.  This gives you a clean canvas to work with when staining your deck.

Repairing your deck

After a cleanup of your deck all of the issues are present.  We comb through the cracks and find any wood that needs to be replaced or sanded down.  This allows you to have a level staining and helps the overall appearance of your deck.

Prepping the wood

Removing the oils from the wood is essential to the process.  We treat and remove the oils from the wood which allows for a better stain adherence.

Applying the stain

Your deck loves getting stained.  It preserves the wood and gives it a beautiful finish.  When applying coats of stain it’s important for it to be stained evenly.  If you don’t get an even distribution some of the wood will be darker than other pieces.  This will give your deck an uneven appearance, our team of painters are professionals in applying even coats and creating a symmetric appearance.  Our on-site supervisor always provides a walk-through to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Staining vs. painting

It’s a hard choice and it depends on what you’re looking for, the elements, and what size of deck you own.  Our professionals make the choice easy by laying out all of the facts.

Staining decks provides the following:

  • Staining costs less
  • Staining preserves the wood
  • Stain gives you a more natural look

Painting your deck provides the following:

  • Offers more variety in appearance
  • Easier upkeep
  • Paint lasts much longer

It’s your choice, fortunately Certapro Painting offers both services.

We provide professional in-home estimates to give you an idea of how much each service would cost.  We weigh the pros and cons of each process for you and give you the options and price points of each service.