Best Paint Colors for a Dining Room

The often forgotten dining room should be the star of your home. So many holidays, gatherings and celebrations take place in there. A bold dining room color is the perfect backdrop to the fun times. Here are the most colorful dining rooms ever.


A deep dark brown is a good match for wooden furniture in your dining room. Using the color from floor to ceiling will give you a seamless, rich color. Pair it with a white ceiling to add depth and an airy feeling.

Rusty Orange

This color has the warmth of a red without the harshness of the color. It’s an unexpected option for updating a dining room. Use it to modernize an older dining room feeling. Matched with a light flooring and ceiling to avoid too much intensity.

Dark Blue Grey

Match this dark color choice with white crown molding or chair rails to break up the depth of the shade. Pair it with metallic tones and eclectic accents in cream and brown to keep the color from being too formal.

Pale Green

An apple a day is good for the dining room. Take a nod from the fruit and paint your dining room in a pale apple green. It will compliment woodwork and furniture and balance a dark floor. Use a light ceiling and bright light fixture to complete the look.

Sunshine Yellow

Create a warm room by bringing the sunshine indoors. A bright yellow dining room is equal parts inviting and cozy. The color looks great paired with light accents and furniture or dark. Use white to mimic natural light, or dark to tone down the shade.


As a dark and deep color, garnet lends an air of elegance to a dining area. It brings a classic feeling into your room. Match it with stark cotton colors to make the darkness lighten up. A classic wooden dining set looks right at home in this color.

Grey Purple

A color that’s not quite purple and not quite grey brings a liveliness and classiness to the room. The color can be overpowering, but matched with white wainscoting or chair rails, the room is lovely and intimate.

Pale Blue

Blue and brown are a classic combination. Using a blue with green and purple undertones modernizes the color. Matching with wooden furniture make is a perfect choice to bring down the lightness in the paint.


Bringing the outdoors in can be the answer to a new dining room. The tones in green are known to bring a sense of calmness to any room hopefully bringing the conversation to a happy place. Bring the color up or down by the choice of light or dark furniture.


Gray is a neutral that isn’t beige. It’s a classy and unexpected choice for a dining room but allows you the freedom of a neutral. It’s a pleasant backdrop for the furniture you pick and creates a perfect match every time.