Best Interior Painting Colors in Addison

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Are you staring at a blank canvas on your wall and not sure where to go? We’re here to help you land on a color that is both trendy and timeless, creating a lovely living environment. Pantone’s yearly forecast has some inspiring colors to get you started. Here are the best color for interior painting in Addison.

Addison Interior Painting Ideas


Pulling in a warm and creamy shade of brown will not go out of style. It’s easy to match to nearly any style of furniture or living space. It also opens a room up and creates an inviting environment. Because of the gold undertones, the color is good for bouncing light around the room making it feel bigger than it is.

Lilac Gray

Dove Gray has been a perennial favorite for painting homes with a classic and modern look. Liven up the color by going for a lilac gray instead. It adds a bit of depth to the gray with lilac tinges. The lilac in it will make gray feel warmer and cheery. It’s a new take on a classic color that is subtle enough to work with in any home.

Deep Green

Pantone’s Night Watch is one of this year’s biggest colors. It’s close to a hunter green with an updated feel. Deep green is relaxing and feels like you’ve brought the outdoors inside. The lush botanical feel uses the healing properties of plantlife to make a room that feels equal parts spa and lively. Experts warn that this color can seem overpowering if it’s not used in a well-lit room.

Muted Pastel

Pastels are no longer reserved for nurseries and powder rooms. The chalky tones create an understated cool that’s perfect in kitchens and great rooms. No matter the color pastel you choose, you will notice a feeling of warmth in your room. They are the perfect color to compliment deep marble or granite counters and backsplashes, plus it’s more stylish than the usual black and white.

Soft Clay

Using soft clay gives you the tropical feel of Miami in a color that is equal parts brown and orange. It’s a soft earthy color that is a good option instead of brown and beige.  The sunny color is vibrant and creates a warm room for you to live in. Also in this family: terra cotta, clove, burnt orange and caramel. Because the color is strong, it’s a good idea to begin with just an accent wall of it. Or if you’re feeling spicy, show your bold personality with a choice that will turn up the heat.

New Blues

Blues have come back in a big way this season and they are just off white with blue tones. Think ice blue, gray blue and the palest powder blue. They are subtle enough to work as a neutral in your space but provide more color and style. Experts offer a word of caution, there are an endless amount of blue options. Be sure not to get too pigmented, creating a room that feels dark, small and compact. A subtle color palette will serve you best as it can be used well in any room with any dimensions.


If you are looking for the welcome of gold with an updated punch, try mustard. When used in a muted tone, it’s got depth and brilliance in equal amounts. It’s creates a rich focal accent for your room that is sunny and light. Pair it with dark furniture and wood to give it an air of richness reminiscent of the renaissance.


Mist is the most non-color color available on the market. If this is your first foray into the wide world of color, an easy introduction is with Mist. The color is a muted pastel blue with a gray and violet tone to it. It’s as white as you can get without being white. The color works in all decors, and with any style home. Because of the lightness of it, imperfections in the walls will be covered with ease.


Another color in the natural field has emerged as a forerunner. Mushroom is much less mousy, 70s brown and more off-white with a hint of beige. The barely there color can be used easily because it is timeless enough to last and stylish enough to impress. Pair it with neutral furniture for an openness, or go vivid and make a statement.


The newest greige color to lead the pack is pewter. Take your plain white walls to a stylish silver with pewter paint. It’s a neutral that is far from bland. Because the color is so versatile, expert color consultants suggest using pewter in varying shades throughout your home or living areas to create an on-trend home that is easy to live in and work with.

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