7 Things you Need to Know Before Hiring a Painter

Painting projects are one of the most popular home improvement projects that people like to DIY. Although it seems easy, experience goes a long way. Hiring a professional to complete the project will probably save you a lot of time and headaches. When you start your hunt for the perfect painter to complete the job, keep some of the following things in mind. We want to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible!

Experience. Like we mentioned above, experience goes a long way. You want to know how long the contractor has been doing this type of work in order to ensure you will get your desired results. Someone who has been in the business for at least 2 years has enough experience that you can rest assured they will do a good job. They should be able to answer any questions you may have and also be able to provide you with recommendations. They should seem knowledgeable about the products they are going to be working with.

License and Insurance. Be sure to ask if the contractor has the proper licensing and insurance that is required by the state. This will protect them, and you and your home as well.

Know their process. Painters each have their own individual process. It is important to ask what this specific person’s process is. Such as, what does their preparation process look like? If they do not do proper prep the walls will fade and peel after a few months go by. You will also want to know if they take responsibility for cover the floor or any furniture in the room. If not, you will have to take care of that yourself.

Reviews and Recommendations. Check social media reviews. It is the quickest and easiest way to see other people’s experience.

Do they offer a warranty? Professionals will typically offer a warranty on their services. This is something you will want to inquire about before they begin the job.

Estimate. How does their estimate process look? You want to go with a company or person who can provide you with a formal estimate that includes the products being used.

Communication. You want to be able to keep in contact with the person completing the job. Are they returning your calls in a timely manner and do they seem reliable? This is important because if any issues arise throughout the project, you know you will be able to get them resolved in a quick and efficient way.

Cost. Most people are concerned about the price when starting any home improvement projects. However, the lowest price shouldn’t necessarily be how you make your choice. You will want to consider all of the things above rather than just the price. Safety and quality work will go further in the long run.