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Professional Brick Painting Projects in Cedarhill, Seagoville & Surrounding AreasPainting Brick

Our painters can provide multiple specialized brick painting services to residential and commercial spaces in the Cedarhill/Seagoville community. Brick Painting services have become quite popular in our local communities, and our painters responded to the demand by offering our services to paint your brick home. There are benefits to painting your brick home, among them, is that it will bring an instant modern element of design and curb appeal. The paint will adhere to the brick texture, acting as a sealant to protect your home from seasonal weather damage.

  • Below are a few popular paint colors for brick homes:
    • White or Cream
    • Gray
    • Navy

Having your brick home painted is an affordable way to make a big impact on the exterior of your home. If you would like to have the exterior of your brick home painted, schedule a free estimate with us to get started.


Check out some of the brick painting project our team has completed here in the Cedarhill/Seagoville area.

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Exterior Brick Painting

Exterior Brick Painting

in Cedarhill-Seagoville

Exterior Brick Painting

Exterior Brick Painting

in Cedarhill-Seagoville

What You Should Know Before Deciding to Have Your Brick Painted

1.) The most important part of the information to note is that once you have your brick painted, there is no easy way to restore the original color of your brick. While painted brick can be repainted in a new color, it can not return to its natural color after this type of service. This is why we recommend that you are sure of your brick painting decision prior to scheduling this type of service.

2.) Once you have your brick home painted, it will require power washing and the occasional exterior painting service to keep your home looking its best.

3.) It is very important to only work with local professionals when it comes to brick painting services. There are many ways that damage can occur to the exterior of your home if this service isn’t completed properly.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about a faulty painting service when you work with CertaPro Painters®️ of Cedarhill-Seagoville. We have the skill and expertise you need for a flawless brick painting service.

Painting team was skilled and offered good suggestions.

- Nan S. | Lancaster, TX

Nan S. | Lancaster, TX

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How to Maintain Painted Brick Homes in the Cedarhill/Seagovvile Area

Once you have decided to have your brick home painted, there are a few routine maintenance jobs to keep in mind. While the traditional brick surfaces can be low-maintenance, painted brick requires regular maintenance, including touch-ups, cleaning or power washing lighter-colored brick, and applying fresh coats of paint ever so often. If you notice the exterior of your home in need of touch-ups or repainted, you may need to invest in the occasional power washing service and painting service.

Of course, you’re in luck, because our company can provide both services! We would be happy to help take care of these services for you. Schedule your next residential painting project with our team today!

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