7 Living Room Color Ideas That Will Warm up Your Space

Our team at CertaPro Painters® of Cedar Rapids has completed many living room painting projects. A request we often get from homeowners is that they want to transform the space into a warmer atmosphere. We all want our living rooms to be cozy and welcoming. There are many things we can do to make the living room feel cozy, but it all starts with the paint color. The paint color in the room really sets the tone for the whole atmosphere for the space, despite what décor or furniture is in there. So, whether you just bought a new home or are looking to re-paint, keep reading to find out some of the best living room color ideas to warm up your living room!

  1. Dark Earthy Green – Earth tones are becoming very popular right now and green is our favorite. Green will welcome calmness and serenity into the space. It adds a hint of nature as well. It looks best paired with neutral brown tones.
  1. Sage Green – If you want something fresh and light but still want a unique color we love sage green. Add in gold and cream décor and accents for the perfect final touch.
  1. Teal – Shades of blue are popular in the home but we love teal for the living room. A dark teal paired with black and white décor and accents is edgy but still welcoming.
  1. Cream – Cream is a go-to when looking to warm up a room. This is a good option if you are fan of an all white interior but want something slightly different.
  1. Gold- A soft gold shade looks elegant and inviting. It looks gorgeous when paired with cream furniture and décor.
  1. Tan – A tan paint shade with red undertones in it is the ultimate warm paint color. It instantly adds the cozy factor into any room. It is also neutral enough that you can play around with different color schemes for the rest of the room.
  1. White – If you like white, we recommend staying away from the stark white paint shades with cool undertones. Instead opt for a warm white shade that has lots of warm undertones. Pair it with different shades of white, cream and tan to create the perfect cozy living room.

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