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Stucco Painting In Cave Creek

Stucco can lose its attractive and protective qualities over time. If your stucco home seems to have lost it’s luster, contact CertaPro Painters® of Cave Creek to perform stucco painting services on your home’s exterior. Fading paint is the first sign that the coating is beginning to fail and should be repainted.

Our exterior painting professionals are very knowledgeable and will work alongside you to determine what services your home needs. Our painting services include:

1 Inspect

We complete a visual inspection of your stucco looking for viability, damage and paint options.

2 Wash

Next, the crew will power wash the exterior to be painted. This provides a clean surface to apply primer to.

3 Paint

Finally, paint in the color of your choosing is applied. Thanks to preparation put in, it is sure to last for years to come.

Stucco Painting Services in Cave Creek

The stucco on your home keeps the elements out and your family comfortable inside. While it is a sturdy option to cover your house, damage to the paint and stucco is possible. The first layer, the paint, is more than just a color on your home. This covering seals small cracks, keeps pests at bay, and protects the stucco from the elements. UV Rays, weather, birds and more cause damage to paint. The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to perform an annual inspection of your exterior. Imperfections like cracking, peeling, chipping and bubbling are issues that should be addressed. If the paint shows initial signs of deterioration, acting quickly to correct it avoids big fixes later.

Working with professionals like those from CertaPro Painters of Cave Creek allows you to feel confident in the projects you’re completing. Our pros are experts at keeping your home looking great. Call our team today to make sure your home stays in great shape.

Damaged stucco repair

Stucco Painting Portfolio

Here are examples of stucco homes we have painted in Cave Creek and surrounding areas.

Adobe Stucco Look

Adobe Stucco Look

Stucco Exterior Painting Completed in Cave Creek, AZ

Exterior Painting in Cave Creek, AZ

Exterior Painting in Cave Creek, AZ

We use only the best products when it comes to cleaning, patching, and re-sealing stucco exteriors.

Stucco Painters

Stucco Painters

There's still a place for regular brick, mortar, wood, and stucco exteriors.

Stone Stucco and Sky

Stone Stucco and Sky

Pairing the stone and stucco of this exterior painting job allows it to stand out in a good way.

CertaPro Painters in Cave Creek, AZ

CertaPro Painters in Cave Creek, AZ

In the Southwestern environment, painting and sealing a stucco exterior is very important maintenance that should be done as weathering occurs.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

This traditional adobe/stucco home needs the same TLC as any other structure. Proper maintenance is key to extending a home's lifespan in this harsh environment.

Stucco Repairs in Cave Creek

Maintaining the exterior of your home, stucco or otherwise, sets you up to have a beautiful and sturdy exterior. Paint is the first to show signs of wear and tear alerting you to issues. If you ignore these changes in your exterior, expensive damage could take place under the surface. Every year, inspect the exterior of your home and look for issues listed below. Each is a sign that some repair needs to be made.

Cracking and Chipping

Bubbling and Peeling

growth on building

Mold or Growth