Professional Painting Contractors In Phoenix

For Phoenix and much of the rest of our state, the sunshine and temperature bake the exterior of each residence, pushing owners, family, and friends inside. That means while the outside peels and cracks, the interior gets bumped, scraped, spilled on, and colored on the walls.


Exterior painting by CertaPro house painters in Phoenix, AZ
Improve your home’s curb appeal with CertaPro Painters. We can complete your vision!


When homeowners need help to clean and paint over all this and more, they turn to professional, Phoenix-based, painting contractors. CertaPro Painters perform a key set of tasks on both sides of the front door to ensure that each home has incredible curb appeal while keeping it a welcoming, comfortable place for everyone.

Outside, crew members power wash every inch of the home. The sprayers they use are adjustable, allowing them to thoroughly clean brick, painted wood, siding, and stucco without causing accidental damage.

Once clean, they then examine stucco and painted surfaces for cracks and other damage. CertaPro Painters crew members can repair many minor issues, and paint over them for a clean, smooth surface that looks brand new.

After interior or exterior work, the crew foreman conducts a Pride Walk inspection with the owners. He highlights the thoroughness of his crew and makes certain that the homeowner is satisfied with the results of his team’s efforts.

For more information on what our crew of painting contractors can do for you, contact CertaPro Painters today at 602-277-4002. CertaPro Painters can quickly inspect and provide a free estimate for every task and service we offer for the interior and exterior painting of your home.

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