Professional Painters and Solutions for Phoenix Homes

When Phoenix homeowners decide on a new coat of paint, many do not immediately realize that a professional repainting of their home requires many more tasks than simply laying down drop cloths and opening a can of premium latex.

At CertaPro Painters, our crews of professional painters offer Phoenix homeowners a multi- full-service, approach to painting both the interior and exterior of their residences. Before painting, crew members clean, repair, and otherwise prepare each home for its new look.

Exterior house painting by CertaPro painters in Phoenix, AZ
Photo of a modern stone and stucco home.

We also provide every customer with the opportunity to see how each choice may look in their home when they use the CertaPro Painters MyPaint Colors™ visualizer to show what every paint in our inventory can appear in each room, hallway, entryway, and exterior. Popular colors today include a large palette of grays and whites. Our paint crews use only the best from Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams.

After painting, other parts of the home can now appear a little duller in comparison. Owners quickly remember that their kitchen cabinets are original equipment, and need care as well. Our crew members can also perform minor repairs and then paint or stain each one for an improved, original look, or change the kitchen to match the new look of the rest of the home.

At the end, every paint crew foreman takes the owner on a Pride Walk. It serves the dual purpose of a final inspection and allows the foreman to show where his crew did everything possible to give the structure a new look that still feels like home.

For CertaPro Painters, that is the goal. Provide each Phoenix home with not just new paint, but the best solution to help preserve and protect it from time and the weather. If this is what you want for your home, call us today at 602-277-4002 to get started with an inspection and estimate of services.

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