Professional Cabinet Painting Colors for Top Results

Kitchen cabinets are the main architectural element in the room. That being said, if they are out of date or suffering from cracks and chips, your room can quickly look dilapidated and old. Kitchen updates are always messy and inconvenient but updating cabinets doesn’t necessarily mean putting in new ones. Having custom made cabinets created for your kitchen can be very pricey. Reduce the costs by having professional cabinet painting done instead.

Changes in the paint manufacturing processes have allowed painters to successfully change the color of cabinets. These high touch, high impact areas are especially hard to paint and keep looking good for a long period of time. With proper preparation, the cabinets can look brand new and last. Here are some color ideas to get you started.

CertaPro Painters of Cave Creek, AZ are Professional Cabinet PaintersCool White: Sherwin-Williams Snowbound SW 7004

If your kitchen has a lot of colors in other areas, white cabinets might be in order. Choose this cool white color to add a crisp and clean feeling in the colors. Using white to update wooden colors is a great way to make old wood look new again.

Dark Gray: Sherwin-Williams Web Gray SW 7075

Gray is trendy when it comes to exteriors, interiors and now cabinets. The most common cabinets are black or white, if you are torn, combine the two. This color works well in modern or traditional kitchens. As a mid-range color, it looks neutral and allows you to pick a statement color in another area of the room. Avoid pairing this color with stainless steel appliances, or you could end up with an industrial feeling room.

Navy Blue: Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog SW 9177

Another way to use color as a neutral is to incorporate navy blue on the cabinets. This is a regal and popular choice that exudes style. Use warm toned metals like copper or brass to create a galley worthy of a tall ship. Pair cream and warm in to warm the somewhat cool color.

Green: The Spruce Best Home Matcha SPR-07

We have always leaned on nature to comfort us, so why not bring it into your kitchen with a green? This muted green has yellow undertones to give you the feeling of picnicking among a field of daisies. This works especially well to pair with a terracotta flooring.

Sage Green: Farrow & Ball Pigeon No. 25

For a less obvious green, try this green-gray. It’s neutral with a hint of greenery inspired by light sage branches. This color works across a wide array of styles of kitchen and current colors. Use it with black and silver for a crisp and clean room.

Warm White: Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White CC-20

White can be tricky in large doses like cabinets. It can feel sterile, bright and overwhelming. Picking a white that’s more warm like this option allows you to do white well. Using this color is perfect for using your cabinets yourself or preparing your home for a future sale. The color is clean and will hold a wide appeal for potential buyers.

Interior painting by CertaPro house painters in Cave Creek, AZBlack: The Spruce Best Home Phantom Black SPR-C16

Avoid blase and choose dramatic with this color. It will have your guests asking, is it black? The answer is nearly. Pair it with lighter cabinets for a two toned option or paint it on an island that will hide scuffs and dings from rowdy kids and pets.

Beige: Magnolia Home Gatherings

Beige has grown up. Give your kitchen a hearth feeling with this glowing beige color. Your room will feel warm and inviting but no one will be able to figure out where it’s coming from. It works equally well with bright natural light or a few halogen bulbs. It will also hide imperfections in the cabinets really well.

Charcoal Black: PPG Black Flame PPG1043-7

Go for chic with this blue black color. It’s like slipping into your favorite dark jeans. Use it with brighter colors to warm up the base. Use amber or gold handles and pops of these colors around the room. Dark cabinets are making statements in our area, so jump on the bandwagon now.

True White: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65

White cabinets can be illusive. Undertones and lighting in the kitchen all play into white looking pristine. Choose Chantilly Lace to get the best white for our area. It works with the overly sunny days without blinding those in your kitchen. As the perfect white, it’s a fool-proof choice to apply to your cabinets. It’s particularly set off with brights or darks on the counter.

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