Phoenix Home Interiors

Phoenix home interiors take much unintentional abuse over time. Dining room walls get bumped by chairs pushed back after meals, kitchen ceilings absorb grease and smoke from hundreds of meals, the list is endless. Homeowners may wipe down or wash off the worst of it each year while “Spring cleaning,” but it builds up over time. Once spray cleaners can’t do the job anymore, CertaPro Painters is ready to step in.

Our residential painters can make each Phoenix home look new. Although every home is a little different from the next one, almost thirty years in the business has taught us that specific tasks are familiar to nearly every residence when it comes to painting. It’s simply a matter of preparing the home, painting it, and then presenting the results to the owner for approval.

To be certain homeowners can make the best color choice possible, we have a Color Consultant ready with the latest and most popular colors, from Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams. The CertaPro Painters MyPaint Colors™ visualizer can then demonstrate what each choice looks like in every room of the house.

With painting completed, the Crew Foreman brings in the homeowner for a Pride Walk. After securing approval, the crew moves everything back in place, removes all trace of their presence in the home, and returns it to the owner.

For more information about what CertaPro Painters can do for your home, call our office today at 602-277-4002 for a free estimate on interior painting, exterior painting, or any other service we offer.

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