4 Home Exterior Paint Projects To Consider This Spring

Spring cleaning has taken over most of our lives here in Carlsbad. Scrubbing and prepping for summer is in full effect. Now that the inside is spic and span, you expect the outside to be the same. Not the case. A long, harsh winter has taken a toll on your house. If you found a mess outside, you’re not alone. Here are 4 home exterior paint projects to consider this spring from the painting experts at CertaPro Painters of Carlsbad!

home exterior paint by certapro painters of carlsbad

1. Paint Your Front Door

Add a splash of personality by changing the color of your front door. Painting your front door can allow your curb appeal to grow for a small afternoon’s work. Here are winning colors to consider adding:

Bright green for a natural and wooden exterior.
For traditional brick or white country-style homes, try a red door.
Go retro with a teal addition on your front door matched with neutral exterior colors.
Create a cottage feel by pairing a cool-toned home with pale yellow doors.
Rather than white, use powder blue on doors for darker colored homes.

2. Add a Fresh Trim of Your Home

Small details can make all of the difference. Trim painting is a small investment to give your whole house a fresh feeling. Try changing the color for a big impact and here are some to start:

Dark and earth-toned homes work really well with gray trim.
Colorful exteriors are well paired with a fresh white trim.
Dark trim creates drama.
Deep browns are really complementary for most colors.

3. Repainting Your Shutters

Regardless of whether your shutters are purely decorative or provide privacy and protection, they can get dingy after several seasons. Good home maintenance means that just like trim, you should update these items on a regular basis. Shutters are a low-risk way to incorporate color into your home’s palette. When considering colors, here are some options:

Black shutters give a feeling of luxury and elegance. They complement brick, white or natural homes.
Choose to go with white shutters for an airy and large feeling on your house.
Bold colors are most often chosen as a style and color pop. These include blue, red, or other primary colors. They will complement light color homes.

4. Paint Your Garage Door for Curb Appeal

Garage doors are a large, and often forgotten about, piece of style real estate on your home. Typically these doors are left in the manufacturer color but are street-facing architectural elements. Don’t leave it untouched. Pick a color and add an aesthetic appeal to your garage door. Here are successful choices:

White garage doors are by far the most common in Carlsbad and across America. They are a crisp and clean sight to come home to. For a timeless choice, choose a dark tone. As an added benefit, these colors hide dirt and smudges better than white. Brown garage doors, when paired with a neutral home, look warm and sophisticated.

While most of these projects are perfectly doable for an ambitious homeowner, DIY on larger paint jobs can prove to be overwhelming. By hiring a crew, you get the know-how and the required tools in addition to a perfectly professional paint job.

If you want to get started with one of these, or other, exterior paint projects, call CertaPro Painters of Carlsbad today! Our team offers no-obligation estimate appointments for commercial and residential painting projects.