How to Choose the Best Kitchen Paint Colours

The perfect colour for you can vary depending on many different factors, including your taste, and design trends. But in a sea of white and gray kitchen walls and cabinets, yours can stand out with a pop of color fit for you. There are a few ways to get started to help you hone in on the right range of colours.

Warm or Cool

One strategy for picking kitchen paint colours is deciding beforehand whether you’re going to go for a warm or cool theme. This can have an impact on whether your kitchen will have a more traditional or cutting-edge feel. Even if you’re going for neutral colours, this can make the difference in the undertones you choose as well.

Colour Combinations

Keep in mind walls, cabinets, tile work, moulding, appliances and any other accents in your kitchen that could either couple well or clash distractingly. For reference, check out complementary shades on a colour wheel or consult an expert in your area.

Here are a few colours we love that may transform your kitchen in ways you never imagined:


An earthy red is often one of the best kitchen paint colours because it evokes a warm tone perfect for creating a hearty meal you can enjoy with your family. Without being too fiery, it can make the kitchen and the food cooked in it feel delectable and inviting.

Colours to Try: Sherwin-Williams Wild Poppy or Jalapeno


Lighter, mid-tone grays deliver a subtle yet sleek feel for a kitchen. Glossy, gray cabinets can heighten almost any kitchen by slightly changing with the lighting and to appear more elegant. This is a classic look, paired superbly with nickel accents and white marble countertops.

Colours to Try: Sherwin-Williams Alpaca or Colonnade Gray


A mossy green with clay undertones can elevate/amp/augment the charm of your kitchen without making it too stuffy or drab. While darker colours become increasingly popular in kitchen paint colours. Rich tones that can still pack a punch of boldness while remaining relatively bright do well in kitchens. Warm wood cabinets also work well with green walls.

Colours to Try: Sherwin-Williams Edamame or Artichoke


Delicate, subtle blues in the highest gloss finish possible pair well with both cool and warm hues for the perfect background of the most delicious cooking. When combined with black and brass accents, blue kitchen walls and/or cabinets can add a punch of personality and sophisticated elegance.

Colours to Try: Sherwin-Williams Georgian Bay or Cosmos

Whether it’s a single wall, all your cabinets, or some carefully chosen accents, you’ll be surprised how different a change of colour can make a room feel. Ready to upgrade your kitchen with a little paint? Schedule your free in-home estimate with CertaPro Painters today and take advantage of our complimentary colour consultation.