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Concrete Staining and Epoxy Floor Services

concrete staining calgaryCertaPro Painters® of Calgary North is proud to offer concrete staining and epoxy floor services. If you have concrete floors that have become unattractive over the years due to wear and tear, we can help you beautify the floors. No matter if it’s in a garage, basement, or patio, we can stain the concrete or apply epoxy to prevent peeling and chipping.

Why Choose Us for Professional Concrete Painting and Epoxy Flooring

Many people try to paint or stain concrete or apply epoxy flooring themselves, but then they call us because they realize they are way in over their heads after getting started. These people want us to finish the work. Other people finish their concrete painting or staining or epoxy floor application, and then don’t like it because they can see mistakes they made and it bothers them.

Our team of concrete stainers and epoxy flooring specialists can help anyone who would like a concrete floor that looks beautiful and lasts a lifetime – no matter the condition it is currently in when we’re called. All concrete stain and epoxy floor projects receive free estimates, so contact us or schedule an estimate for concrete staining and epoxy floor services in Calgary.

Prompt communication, customer care, and the work looks fabulous!

- Gayle T. | Calgary, AB

Gayle T. | Calgary, AB

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Professional Concrete Staining & Epoxy Services in Calgary & Central Alberta

Tired of water stains and cleaning up those tough oil spills on the floor? As many homeowners know, it’s incredibly difficult to get various stains out of concrete. However, you can erase that problem forever with the epoxy flooring services here at CertaPro Painters!

CertaPro’s concrete staining and epoxy finish professionals begin the application process by cleaning the concrete floor or surface thoroughly to remove dirt and dust. Surface cracks and potholes are repaired so that the stain or epoxy paint application is even and looks professional and provides years of enjoyment. Our professional concrete staining or epoxy finish application. Our painters specialize in patios, sidewalks, kitchen countertops, basements and interior floors

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Concrete Staining Services in the Calgary Area

Concrete staining occurs when a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and inorganic salts react with lime minerals already present in the concrete. The stain becomes a permanent part of the concrete, much like a wood stain, as soon as the stain reacts. Concrete staining comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures. Our team works with you to choose a concrete stain that will stand up to daily use and matches the aesthetic of your home.

Staining your concrete is a quick and easy way to upgrade and refresh your home’s appearance. It adds a permanent color to your floor’s surface, which bonds tightly so you won’t have to worry about peeling or chipping. The end result is a fantastic finish that enhances the appearance of any space, interior or exterior. Have CertaPro Painters® turn any interior or exterior concrete surface into a beautiful piece of artwork through a professional concrete staining or epoxy finish application. Our painters specialize in patios, sidewalks, kitchen countertops, basements, interior floors, driveways and garage floors. Schedule a Free Concrete Staining Estimate Today.

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Areas We Offer Concrete Staining Services