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Painting Services for Healthcare and Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Retirement homes and assisted living facilities are more than homes, they are made to be safe and comfortable places for seniors to live in dignity and peace. With years of experience under our belts, our painters know the proper guidelines to work in these commercial facilities. We also understand the importance of upkeep for Healthcare facilities, and with meticulous preparation, our team can provide commercial painting services for healthcare facilities.

CertaPro Painters® of Brick, NJ knows to respect these establishments and the tenants that live there. Our team takes proper coordination to work with management and its tenants to meet schedule requirements that fit your preference. We provide commercial, industrial and residential painters that blend the worlds together to take on projects like painting assisted living and senior care facilities. Whether it’s painting a room or an entire building, we’re ready to help while meeting the highest expectations.

Senior Living and Memory Care Facilities

When working in senior living communities and memory care facilities, we always keep in mind that these buildings are homes to people. Respecting the setting and minimizing the disruption to residents is of the utmost importance. Choosing CertaPro Painters® of Brick, NJ means you will receive the highest quality while taking care of residents.

Healthcare Facilities

Our team offers healthcare offices and facilities with commercial painting and repair services. We believe in the importance of keeping healthcare facilities up-to-date, not only to maintain a clean environment, but to provide the proper appearance needed to run these facilities. Choosing CertaPro Painters® of Brick, NJ, means we will work with on a proper schedule to minimize the disruption around the working hours of these facilities, as well as provide the highest quality of customer service and paint materials.

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Why CertaPro Painters?

Our experience in painting venues of all sizes and shapes allows us the knowledge to proceed expertly through any project. We employ the approach of painting a home with the experience of painting a large-scale business. We focus on the end results, beautiful, lasting and within budget.

Your staff and residents will never be left in the dark during our work. We don’t want you wondering what’s going on and where we stand in our timeline. Because of this, we put a high priority on communicating, on a daily basis if necessary. You will be assigned a dedicated contact that will keep you abreast of the work completed and schedule of your project. They will be available to you for questions and concerns throughout the process.

Interior Painting for Assisted Living and Senior Care Facilities

Since assisted living, memory care, and senior care facilities are primarily a home, we approach the painting with a home-painting mentality. Our experienced and knowledgeable painters provide the best results you’re expecting while working from a place of customer service. The jobsite supervisor works closely with the facility staff to orchestrate room paintings with minimal impact to staff and residents.

Exterior Painting for Senior Care Facilities and Assisted Living Communities

Because our crews are well versed in painting exteriors, we are happy to take on the exterior painting of your facility. From simple one story stucco buildings, to intricately painted several floor facilities, we’re ready for the job. We arrive on time with every tool necessary – scaffolding, hydraulic lifts, paint sprayers, and more. This allows us to move quickly through the project while leaving it beautiful after the work is complete.

What it Takes to Successfully Paint a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

Involved Employees: Occasionally, taking on a project like this can bring in smells and movement that the staff and residents are not used to. CertaPro Painters® of Brick, NJ works to mitigate these intrusions while completing their work. This means working closely with the staff to create a seamless workspace.

Low or No Odor Products: The populations in these facilities are somewhat sensitive to the smells that can come with a paint job. Because the paint could aggravate respiratory systems, our painters use high quality, low or no odor paint products. These paints allow for a quicker return to uncompromised air.

Flexible Scheduling: Since this building is ‘home’ to most of the people in it, we work to the best of our abilities to identify times that are least likely to impact residents. Offering off-hours and overnight painting for areas that would be empty at those times gives a more convenient paint job with little interruption of life.

Design Services: While some facilities choose to replace the color scheme with a similar one, others go for a new palette to update the look. Picking comforting and calming colors are the expertise of our color consultants. They are on hand to help you create a palette that is beautiful and smart for your spaces. This can include textured and high-impact resistant paint.