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In Summer 2020, CertaPro Painters® of Boulder and Longmont was contacted to assist in improving the conditions of a condo complex exterior. The buildings were past due for its regular maintenance cycle, leaving external sections of the condos with a worn and outdated look. There were also several areas requiring wood replacement before painting began.

The exterior was upgraded on all trim surfaces with a premium Sherwin Williams Emerald paint, providing an added level of longevity. The Emerald paint helped reduced costs with its affordability and durability while also supporting real estate values in the complex.

Refinished condo exterior

Projects of this size contain their own unique set of hurdles. Communication with the complex’s administration was imperative along with coordination among the painting team.

CertaPro’s professionals also assisted in custom color matching and offered draw-down paint samples to the community. All paint specifications were organized by substrate to assist in future recordkeeping for the HOA.


  • Peeling Paint – The outdated exterior of the complex was accompanied by sections of peeling and faded paint.
  • Failing Carpentry – Wood trim was deteriorated and in need of repair or replacement.


  • Preparation – CertaPro Painters® consulted the condo administration regarding paint colors for the building exteriors. From the very beginning, their experts communicated with the residents about their operations in the area to mitigate any discomfort.
  • Painting – CertaPro’s team repaired and replaced wooden sections of the buildings. A Sherwin Williams Emerald paint was used on exterior trim to minimize costs and add longevity to the complex.

PROJECT TIMELINE – Approximately 1 month

Before Photos

Before the project began, CertaPro Painters® of Boulder and Longmont surveyed the area and pinpointed the sections that would require their expertise.

Outdated Exterior

Outdated Exterior

The paint of the condo complex had heavy wear due to an overlooked maintenance schedule.

Worn Staircases

Worn Staircases

Paint had completely worn away on portions of the stairs due to high levels of traffic by the tenants.

Peeled & Cracked Paint

Peeled & Cracked Paint

The paint on the trim was failing and required a new coat to address its lack of protection from the elements.

Failing Carpentry Work

Failing Carpentry Work

Trim and window sills were in need of repair and replacement due to failing wood sections around each condo.

The Final Result

CertaPro Painters® gathered images of the complex after their work was completed. The exterior paint was enhanced and trim was updated for an all-encompassing refinish to the condos.

Highlighted Services

Below are a selection of services that were used through the duration of this project.