Rich came out and took a look at our property and was very knowledgeable. He asked a lot a questions to get the best understanding of the job - the type of wood, usage, age, etc. Isabella, Jessika, and the rest of the team were great as well. The finished job was initially ruined by humidity and rain. The stain had not fully set before the rain came and the rain had caused some of our white sidings and risers to get ruined by the stain splattering and dripping everywhere. I called Isabella over the weekend and she was very responsive. The team came back to fix the job without any resistance and they made every effort to make sure we were happy with the work. They re-stained the outdoor decks and touched up the sidings and risers that had been impacted by the stain that did not set (not part of the original job). Overall, the team was easy to get a hold of and was always in communication throughout the entire project.

Alec W. | Boston, MA
June 14, 2022

Detailed plan you presented

Shannon H. | Cambridge, MA
June 14, 2022

Great communication

Jessica D. | Charlestown, MA
June 9, 2022

Most detailed of 6 estimates we collected.

Libby A. | Brookline, MA
June 7, 2022

Owner was very responsive and thorough with the quote. Team of painters were efficient and meticulous in the details, they were respectful of our property and addressed our questions and concerns.

Victoria G. | South Boston, MA
June 4, 2022

Richard was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. I enjoy doing business with him and look forward to hearing from him regarding the estimate and a time frame.

Sally K. | Somerville, MA
June 2, 2022

sand and prett the wall

Braden E. | Brighton, MA
May 29, 2022

Informative, transparent, and pretty accurate

Anil G. | Brighton, MA
May 9, 2022

That's they did a very nice job considering what they had to work with, a very old home, extremely old. You're very welcome and I would highly recommend your company.

Sally K. | Somerville, MA
April 21, 2022

they pre the wall and sand it

Braden E. | Brighton, MA
April 8, 2022