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Eco-Friendly Painting Services

CertaPro Painters® of Bethesda and Chevy Chase understand the significance of utilizing paint products that protect our environment. Our team has made it our goal to provide eco-friendly painting services in the Bethesda area. Our painting solutions are safe and affordable, there is a wide variety of colors available, and we can recommend the best eco-friendly products for your unique painting project.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Paint Products?

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your home with the latest paint colors or you’ve just moved into a new home, painting the interior or exterior of your house is one of the simplest ways to showcase your décor, increase property value and create a unique look for your space. It can be hard to find eco-friendly paint products on your own, and it may seem easier to just buy popular products at your local store. The popular brands at the hardware store may be effective, but they might not be good for your health in the long run.

Many homeowners are beginning to think about their environmental impact and carbon footprints. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing eco-friendly paint products. Eco-friendly paint is just as durable as other popular brands, while remaining safe for your family and the planet.

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What Is Eco-Friendly Paint?

When you open a new can of paint, you will often notice a very strong chemical smell. While the smell of typical paint products may be familiar, the distinct odor of most paints are often associated with unhealthy levels of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). VOCs are a mix of multiple chemicals that are emitted from various solids and liquids, like paints and varnishes. These chemicals can lead to several adverse health risks like poor indoor air quality, respiratory illness and even headaches.

Eco-friendly paint products are uniquely designed to have minimal if not zero levels of VOCs. Popular paint products are often oil-based with an assortment of harmful chemicals, while eco-friendly paints are almost always non-toxic and can be based with the following: Milk proteins, clays, balsam, and other minerals.

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Elisa K. | Silver Spring, MD

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The Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Paint

Environmentally friendly paint is beneficial to your family in many ways and there is often no cost difference. So why not choose to paint your home with safe products? When you choose to utilize eco-friendly paint, you will not only help out your family, but the Earth as well.

Here are the reasons you should switch to eco-friendly paint products:

  1. Low to 0% VOCs – these Volatile Organic Compounds are very typically found in the commercial paint brands you know and trust. These types of paint are not biodegradable and will leave toxic waste behind. However, the VOC percentage in eco-friendly paints is safer for both the environment and your health. To qualify as a Low-VOC oil-based paint, a product will need to contain less than 380 grams of VOCs per liter.
  2. More Healthy for Lungs – The health of you lungs is not something to take lightly. The chemicals that are released from traditional paint are harmful to your lungs. When you paint your home with paint that has high levels of VOCs, you can create a toxic environment for you lungs due to poor air quality.
  3. Lowers Your Risk of Cancer – In addition to improving lung health, you can lower your risk for cancer and strokes when using friendly paint. Studies have shown that over time being exposed to VOCs can lead to multiple negative health conditions. Eco-friendly paint products will not create the same harmful emissions as their traditional competitors.

Check out this link to the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) date on the harmful effects of VOC chemicals – EPA Indoor Air Quality with VOC Health Effects

  1. Not Toxic for the Environment – Traditional chemical based paints can have harsh ingredients like naphthalene, benzene, and toluene. Environmentally friendly paints are not made with these harmful ingredients. When you continue to utilize eco-friendly products, you can lower our overall carbon footprint.
  2. Durable Colors: Eco-friendly paint can maintain its original color for as long as traditional paints, sometimes it may even last longer. When deciding what eco-friendly brands to use inside your home, you will want to research which products meet your needs or work with a professional painting contractor who can make recommendations.
  3. Cost Effective – There is a wide variety of products at multiple price points on the eco-friendly paint market. The cost breakdown is often based off of the type of paint, if primer is included, how unique the clay utilized is, and if the product is completely free of VOCs.

Eventually the initial cost that you may have by choosing to use eco-friendly paints will even out. Investing in non-toxic products can save you from major and costly health issues in the future, and keeps your home environment safe for friends and family.

We Offer Quality No-VOC Paint

Here are a few our No-VOC Paint brands that we offer.

Benjamin Moore - Eco Spec

Sherwin Williams EcoSelect

The Real Milk Paint


Our Mineral Paints

If you are looking for a safe alternative paint, we also offer several brands of mineral paints.

Beeck Mineral Paint

Domingue Mineral Paint

Romabio Mineral Paint

Keim Mineral Paint

PermaTint Mineral Paint