Residential Painting

3 Tips for Painting Stucco

Posted on December 7, 2021

Homes with a stucco facade are some of the most unique and attractive structures. However, stucco tends to attract and hold dirt and grime more than other exterior materials. The solution is often to clean and repaint the stucco for a fresh, clean look. Today, we will discuss three common options for making stucco look new and updated.

Clean the Surface

The first step to painting any exterior surface is a thorough cleaning. Paint may not stick to dirty surfaces, so in many cases, the stucco is first pressure washed. Care must be taken however not to use too much pressure. Professionals will provide just enough pressure to remove the surface dirt, without damaging the stucco. Most use some form of cleaning agent designed for use in a pressure washer as this often reduces the amount of pressure required to clean the surface.

Use the Correct Paint

There are many exterior paint options, but in most cases using exterior grade latex paint is the best solution. The pros will usually use latex because the clean-up is much easier than enamel, and it can usually be thinned for spraying. Stucco has a prominent texture, as opposed to very flat surfaces. Spraying stucco is much faster and easier than using a brush, so selecting a Thinnable paint (which is often required for spraying) will make the project easier. For those without a sprayer, long nap rollers are another option. Using a long nap roller will allow the painter to get into the small undulations on the surface and result in a more professional-looking job.

Apply Several Thin Coats Instead One or Two Thick Coats

Professionals will apply a few thin coats of paint instead of a couple of thick coats. A thin coat will dry much more quickly than a thick coat, so in most situations, applying two thin coats is actually faster than applying one thick one. Since each coat must be completely dry before another can be added, applying thin coats usually reduces or eliminates the wasted time waiting for a thick coat to dry.