Working with him on the next job. He's honest, thorough, kind and considerate. Thanks!

Matthew T. | Orinda, CA
August 31, 2023

Overall we're very happy with the job.
I'd make a couple of recommendations:

These are fussy little things and are not meant as complaints!

1) When I painted apartments, we always simply removed all fittings from doors and walls before painting. I suggest you train your crews to do this, instead of relying on masking and cutting in. In quite a few places our fittings were cut in poorly or paint leaked under masking. I'm fixing this myself, but that could have been avoided. It would be more professional to have removed all fittings and reinstalled them after painting.

2) Our kitchen cabinet door panels have small gaps around the edges that trapped tiny debris that was painted over when they were sprayed. A small bead of caulk carefully applied over those gaps would have given a cleaner appearance. Otherwise the cabinets look beautiful!

Thanks for doing a great job otherwise! We have recommended you to friends.

Dennis S. | Oakland, CA
August 18, 2023

On time. On budget. And an outstanding job. Respectful workers.

Roy F. | Mill Valley, CA
August 10, 2023

Detailed proposal, good communication, good quality results. Team leader was responsive to correcting small details to assure I was satisfied with completed job.

Alice R. | Oakland, CA
August 5, 2023

The crew, the pre and post job follow up, the quality of job and really appreciate the consistent check ins during the job

Eric S. | Oakland, CA
July 20, 2023

Experienced painters, very respectful of property

Pam A. | Oakland, CA
July 20, 2023

Excellent performance in all aspects - estimating, scheduling, job execution, post job followup. What I most appreciate is that I do not ever have to think about whom I will choose for painting services - CERTA PRO BERKELEY!

Robert W. | Oakland, CA
June 22, 2023

Very professional all the way through the process. Left us with a very positive impression of the team who worked together to do an excellent job. Nice to feel confidence in the trustworthiness and skill of the people at CertaPro.

Martin J. | Berkeley, CA
June 15, 2023

Fast, thorough, exactly as requested.

Dan K. | Oakland, CA
June 6, 2023

Jorge did a great job!

ALBERT K. | Oakland, CA
May 25, 2023