Why Hire a Professional Deck Staining Service

An outdoor deck can be a luxurious retreat in your home for getting together and barbecues. This additional outdoor property allows you to use your backyard as an addition to your home. Hard wood decks are incredibly durable and beautiful, if they are properly cared for. Taking care of it can be tiresome, so here’s why to hire a professional deck staining service.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your deck beautiful can require annual maintenance. Some sealants only last a year or so and can allow the wood to suffer water penetration if it’s not replaced. Even pressure treated wood benefits from a quality sealing. When you bring in the pros, your deck sealing can last 5 or more years.

Enhance Beauty

Having a great deck naturally enhances the beauty of your property. It extends the liveable area of your home. Whether you choose to paint your deck a color or opt for a stain to allow natural colors to show through, a professional deck staining service can prep and apply the paint to protect the wood and create a complimentary outdoor space to the exterior of your home.

Avoid Damage

Sun, wind and rain are not the friends of outdoor wooden elements on your house. Allowing your deck to get dried out and sun bleached will cause the wood to begin to break down. When the paint or seal gives way, water intrusion can start to rot away. Frequent wetting and drying, say in our rainy season can allow wood planks to warp and pull away from structure. Paint and sealants create a barrier against the elements sitting directly on and leaching into the wood.

Deck Staining Service

Even if your deck is on the smaller side, taking care of the maintenance can be a daunting chore. Preserving the deck means getting into the nooks and crannies of the structure for several steps of work. Pressure washing, sanding, repairs and painting all require specialized tools and knowledge to achieve a quick and complimentary look for your home.

Paint vs. Stain

Bringing in a deck staining service means you’ll have a guide through the process of working on your deck. If you are unsure of the finish you want on your deck, our consultants are happy to meet with you at an estimate appointment and go over the details of either option. They can make recommendations of colors, paints or stains for your project. The representative will also be able to address any repairs or changes you’re interested in.

If you’re ready to get started with your deck project, contact us today! Schedule a free, in-home estimate with our team.