Door Painting & Staining in Austin, TX

Professional Door Painting & Staining in Austin, TX

fiberglass door painted
A fiberglass door on a home in Austin, TX that was painted by our team in 2020.

We have been helping homeowners in the greater Austin, TX service area with door painting and staining services for many years. Door projects can quickly become overwhelming as DIY projects when multiple doors are involved or when the door has detailed wood work that needs sanding prior to applying stain.

Front Doors

Painting a front door can dramatically improve the curbside look and feel of a home. It’s common for homeowners to call us for door projects when they are readying the home for a sale. An impressive entry makes for a great first impression to potential buyers. Changing the color of a front door also is a good way to freshen up the look of the home even when not selling. Both bold and bright colors, and neutral tones can work for door painting projects. If you are looking for assistance with color selection we also offer professional color consulting services where a designer can provide options and recommendations that are in line with your preferences.

Garage Doors

Another common painting project in Austin is updating garage doors with paint or stain. Over time garage doors tend to fade to sun and weather, its normal for garage doors to need some maintenance every 5-10 years via painting or staining projects. All types of garage doors can be painted, including metal and vinyl exteriors. Large solid wood doors are less common but can give an impressive look when sanded and stained.

Interior Doors

Depending on the type of doors you have in your home, it may make sense to repair and paint interior doors rather than replace them when they start to show their age. A painting project can bring interior doors back to like-new condition in a weekend project’s worth of work.

The process for prep and application of paint and stain will vary depending on the type of door you have. Some doors require more prep work than others. We offer free estimates and online appointment scheduling, get started by setting up an estimate appointment. A CertaPro Painters representative will meet with you to learn about the project and prepare an accurate quote.

Door Painting Projects Completed by our team:

See below for some samples from our portfolio of door projects we have completed. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about door painting or staining projects.

interior fiberglass door
An interior fiberglass door painted to look like a stained wood finish.
front entry
Gray is a popular front door color in the Austin service area.
painted metal door
A grand entryway with double metal doors that was painted and restored by our team.
blue painted front door
The teal blue of this door matches several decorative elements on the home, like the house numbers on the right.