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Professional Painting of Office Buildings in Austin, TX

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Austin Oak is a fully occupied 12-building professional office complex. Each building is 2-4 stories tall. The complex had 12 buildings that needed full interior and exterior painting projects done. Projects of this size and scale require coordination, communication, and detailed project management. The work was started towards the end of 2019 and took 6 months to complete.

Austin Oak is an older office complex in a prime location along the MoPac corridor connecting North and South Austin. The buildings are all structurally solid but had not been updated in several years. New owners and new management decided to repaint all the building, inside and out.

Austin Oaks represents two major project types. First, we were faced with painting the exterior of 12 building that are all 2-4 stories tall. Second, we repainted the full interior of 10 of the buildings. These project have taken place while the buildings are fully occupied.

Project Duration: 6 Months (2019 – 2020)

Learn more about how the project ran and some of the challenges that were involved below.

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Project Challenges

We had a complete color change to the exterior. This requires two coats of prep and paint. Additionally, the buildings are comprised of two different surfaces; Brick and Stucco. Each surface type required it’s own prep and application techniques.

The building has an abundance of windows and every window has detailed mullions. To repaint these mullions, the windows have to be prepared and painted using techniques that prevent “overspray” and thus keep paint from landing on the windowpanes.

The buildings were fully occupied: The CertaPro Project Manager dedicated to Austin Oaks, Jason McAtee, was constantly juggling work schedules and crew involvement. Jason did a great job of keeping the projects on schedule with as little tenant disruption as possible. This included significant night and weekend labor.

Small repairs & replacements: Painting large buildings inside and out is a lot like washing your new car. When you take your time, you see every little scratch. As painters are working, they see cracks in the exterior, calk that is dried up or completely deteriorated, holes in walls, even areas of water damage. A professional commercial painting company like CertaPro Painters of Austin will have the equipment and materials to make the repairs and replacements necessary to move forward with quality.

One of the unique interior challenges was the demolition of large sections of wall tile. We had to do this without damaging the adjacent walls and then install new sheetrock to make the walls like new with no indication that there had once been areas of tile.

Project coordination: We coordinated tasks with both electrical and data contractors to prevent getting into each other’s way during the process of renewing the interior walls.


Project Photos

See below for a few after and in-progress photos from this project. Click on any of the images below to zoom in.

Exterior After Painting

Exterior After Painting

The painted buildings have a like-new look again after the project was completed.

Interior Walls & Trim

Interior Walls & Trim

A hallway area with an exposed ceiling. We painted all of the interior walls, hallways, and common areas as part of this project.

Stairwell & Handrail Painting

Stairwell & Handrail Painting

This picture shows one of the stairwells. Rooms like this often have high walls and ceilings that require equipment and technique to properly paint.

Hallway Prep & Painting

Hallway Prep & Painting

Each building had many long hallways like this one that needed to be prepped and painted. In some cases light wall repairs were needed.

Front Entrance After Painting

Front Entrance After Painting

This picture shows the front entrance of one of the 12 buildings after our team had completed the exterior.

Monument Signs Painted

Monument Signs Painted

This also painted the monument signs with a specialty epoxy paint that dries to an extremely hard finish.

This Project Also Included:

Throughout this project many areas of the building needed replacement or repairs. This project involved more than just painting, we also helped with a variety of repairs including:

  • Demo of drop ceiling tiles and grids
  • Extensive removal and replacement of existing bad sheetrock patches above the ceiling tiles
  • Installing new sheetrock with intricate cut-ins around conduit and AC ducts and priming and painting of new sheetrock installed by us
  • Priming and painting of existing and newly installed electrical conduit
  • Building new ceiling furdowns and installing insulation to exterior walls
  • Demo of oak wood paneling/baseboards/crown trim in 2 buildings