Residential Interior Project

Work Completed:

We recently completed a residential painting project Jessica S. which involved light carpentry, drywall, and painting. We removed baseboards, door frames, and paneling beside the chimney. Then we installed new baseboards, shoe molding, and door frames. We also installed drywall where the paneling was removed. Lastly, we primed, caulked, and skim coated the new drywall and repainted everything.


There was a small space between the ceiling and the existing drywall where the paneling was removed. To combat that, Luis added a small piece of wood in between the ceiling and new drywall. While installing baseboards, we also discovered a small gap between the flooring and the baseboards, so Luis added shoe molding.

Project Details:

Completion Time: January 25th, 2021 to February 1st, 2021 (one week)
Paint Color: Sherwin Williams, SuperPaint Satin, SW 6255 Morning Fog
Challenges: We were limited by space.

Portfolio Images (Before)

drywall repair asheville nc

hallway painting painting prep asheville nc before

family room interior painting prep

Portfolio Images (After)

interior hallway painting asheville nc after

family room interior painting after